Bowling Alone Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Robert D. Putnam
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Section 1: Chapter 1, Thinking About Social Change in America

• The Glenn Valley Bridge Club in Pennsylvania no longer met, even though it still had forty members playing regularly in 1990

• Only seven people attended The Sertoma Club in Little Rock, Arkansas, which had nearly fifty people in the 1980s, who attended a weekly luncheon and other activities.

• Across the United States, similar attendance patterns existed as community organizations lost members and organizations no longer existed even though they thrived ten to twenty years ago.

• In the 1950s and 1960s community groups thrived, political activity increased, and churches were full as Americans seem to have more free time than ever before.

• It was not a golden age, however, as many Americans were marginalized because of race or gender.

• Infant mortality rates were still too high, and little attention was paid to poverty.

• Social scientists believed that social networks in civic and...

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