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Short Answer Questions

1. Carlos ends up killing his contact, taking his ___________ and identification papers.

2. Who is the only man who is left alive to be captured?

3. Marie tries _____________ Jason back into his David Webb persona.

4. Who does Carlos blame for the fiasco at the hotel, according to information from Dominique?

5. What does Marie realize her husband had been doing, even though she hated it and he didn't even realize it?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why are Pritchard and his uncle interrogated by Sir Henry Sykes?

2. What is in the photo the Charles Casset and Peter Holland are looking at?

3. What does Peter Holland do in response to the report that Jason Bourne is dead?

4. How does Carlos find out where Alex and Panov are?

5. What does Bourne recognize Mario to be during the gunfight, which is why he is kept alive?

6. What does Krupkin do for the restaurant in the aftermath of the battle?

7. What does Dimitri Sulikov reveal to Bryce Ogilvie when they speak to each other in Chapter 33?

8. What does Bourne learn from Dominique, who is still trusted by Carlos to do his bidding?

9. What does Rodchenko congratulate himself for as he sits alone in a restaurant?

10. What does Carlos use to recruit people for his own new personal army?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

It seems that Carlos the Jackal always seems to know where Bourne and his family are.

Part 1: What is one example of Carlos the Jackal's knowledge of where Bourne's family is, even though there is no reason for him to know?

Part 2: How does Carlos the Jackal let Bourne know that he knows where Bourne's family is?

Part 3: What is one possible explanation for how Carlos the Jackal always seems to know this information?

Essay Topic 2

Trickery is also just part of being in the world of international espionage and crime. Even Panov is adept at making sure he stays safe in the most difficult of situations by using trickery.

Part 1: How is Panov captured and by whom is he captured?

Part 2: What does Panov observe amongst his captors that helps him to escape? How does he use this information?

Part 3: How does Panov eventually escape?

Essay Topic 3

The idea of Bourne actually having two distinct personalities is one that continues to come up during this story, often in situations where he needs to be one or the other.

Part 1: Why does Bourne resist taking on his Bourne persona?

Part 2: Cite some situations in the story where Bourne reverts back to being David Webb.

Part 3: Why does Marie wants Bourne to be David Webb again?

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