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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Bourne offer to Krupkin in order to get into Novgorod?

2. Jason's contact gets him ________ and grenades for his battles with Carlos.

3. Where does Ogilvie travel to once he knows his family is out of danger?

4. Carlos plans to create a new ________ in Moscow.

5. Who refuses to believe that Jason Bourne is dead?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the aftermath of the Tranquility Inn's role in the events of the story?

2. What does Rodchenko congratulate himself for as he sits alone in a restaurant?

3. What is at the entrance where Carlos got into Novgorod?

4. Describe some of the events Bourne experiences as he approaches the armory.

5. What does Bourne learn from Dominique, who is still trusted by Carlos to do his bidding?

6. What does Peter Holland do in response to the report that Jason Bourne is dead?

7. What does Bourne get into with the help of his Soviet contact Krupkin.

8. What does Krupkin do for the restaurant in the aftermath of the battle?

9. Where are David and Marie walking when Dr. Panov shows up to talk to them?

10. What does Dimitri Sulikov reveal to Bryce Ogilvie when they speak to each other in Chapter 33?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The concept of an assassin is one that we also see in movies and in books, with this person being completely evil and heartless. But in this book, Bourne is an assassin too, though it seems because he is fighting for the 'right' side, he is not as evil as his actions might condemn him to be.

Part 1: Describe the character of Carlos the Jackal, the assassin.

Part 2: In what ways are Bourne and Carlos similar in the ways they fight those who are not 'with' them?

Part 3: In what ways are Bourne and Carlos different in relation to their ideas about killing.

Essay Topic 2

The secret organization of Medusa is one that seems to play a major role in this story.

Part 1: What is Medusa and why was it created in the first place?

Part 2: List at least three of the Medusa members.

Part 3: What is Medusa's role in the activities of Carlos the Jackal? Which members have already had contact with the Jackal?

Essay Topic 3

It seems that Carlos the Jackal always seems to know where Bourne and his family are.

Part 1: What is one example of Carlos the Jackal's knowledge of where Bourne's family is, even though there is no reason for him to know?

Part 2: How does Carlos the Jackal let Bourne know that he knows where Bourne's family is?

Part 3: What is one possible explanation for how Carlos the Jackal always seems to know this information?

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