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Short Answer Questions

1. Who is NOT at the cemetery meeting?

2. The plan was to make it look like ___________ was at the building to interrogate Dominique.

3. Bryce learned that Bourne used __________ as a means to smoke out Carlos the Jackal.

4. ____________ wants the Jackal himself once he finds out Bourne is being pursued by him.

5. Krupkin arranges for the necessary cleanup at the _____________.

Short Essay Questions

1. Who are two of the people who meet up with Carlos as seen in the Soviet surveillance footage Bourne reviews?

2. Where are David and Marie walking when Dr. Panov shows up to talk to them?

3. Describe some of the events Bourne experiences as he approaches the armory.

4. What does the persona of David Webb think about the shootout with Carlos?

5. What does Bourne learn from Dominique, who is still trusted by Carlos to do his bidding?

6. What does Peter Holland do in response to the report that Jason Bourne is dead?

7. What does Rodchenko congratulate himself for as he sits alone in a restaurant?

8. What does Bourne agree to go in order to ensure the loyalty of the Soviet agent he will be working with?

9. What does Bourne recognize Mario to be during the gunfight, which is why he is kept alive?

10. What is in the photo the Charles Casset and Peter Holland are looking at?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The fact that Bourne is 50 and not as young as he used to be is brought up at several points during this novel. Perhaps an older assassin isn't as good of an assassin?

Part 1: In what ways does Bourne's age seem to be affecting him negatively during this novel?

Part 2: In what ways does Bourne's age seem to be affecting him in a positive way during this novel?

Part 3: Do you think Bourne's experience is what helps him during this story more than his agility? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 2

The idea of Bourne actually having two distinct personalities is one that continues to come up during this story, often in situations where he needs to be one or the other.

Part 1: Why does Bourne resist taking on his Bourne persona?

Part 2: Cite some situations in the story where Bourne reverts back to being David Webb.

Part 3: Why does Marie wants Bourne to be David Webb again?

Essay Topic 3

The relationship between Jason and Marie seems to cause more troubles than it shows positive effects.

Part 1: Describe the relationship between Jason/David and Marie.

Part 2: How does Marie negatively affect the work Bourne wants to do? Cite specific examples.

Part 3: How does Marie positively affect the work Bourne wants to do? Cite specific examples.

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