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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is the contact's mother being held in prison for espionage?
(a) Maine
(b) France
(c) California
(d) Langley

2. Who promises to guard the children after hearing about the leak from Bourne?
(a) Peter Holland
(b) Alex Conklin
(c) Bryce Ogilvie
(d) Randolph Gates

3. What does Bourne offer to Krupkin in order to get into Novgorod?
(a) Control of Medusa
(b) His identity
(c) His black book of contacts
(d) $1 million

4. The contact of Carlos warned him 30 years ago that he was going to be liquidated by ___________.
(a) Jason Bourne
(b) General Rodchenko
(c) Krupkin
(d) The KGB

5. The connection in Moscow is General _______________, someone who is already in the government.
(a) Rodchenko
(b) Romandko
(c) Raskolinokov
(d) Radicchio

Short Answer Questions

1. Charlis Casset is challenging ___________ on his refusal to assist Conklin and Bourne.

2. When Marie talks to Jason about carrying a gun, he assures her : "I don't shoot at ________."

3. Morris Panov and Alex Conklin remark on the ____________ of evil that led to the discovery of Medusa as they chased Carlos.

4. Jason's contact gets him ________ and grenades for his battles with Carlos.

5. Who agrees to help Bourne after accepting the money offered to him, which is then deposited into a secret Swiss bank account?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Peter Holland do in response to the report that Jason Bourne is dead?

2. What is in the photo the Charles Casset and Peter Holland are looking at?

3. What happens after David accuses Dr. Panov of being the mole in the CIA?

4. What is the end result or Krupkin in the story?

5. What is at the entrance where Carlos got into Novgorod?

6. Describe the characters of Louis and Mario who are at a meeting with a mysterious high ranking official and his wife.

7. How does Carlos find out where Alex and Panov are?

8. What does Carlos use to recruit people for his own new personal army?

9. What does the Italian that followed the care of the CIA agents tell someone in New York?

10. What does Bourne agree to go in order to ensure the loyalty of the Soviet agent he will be working with?

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