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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Morris Panov and Alex Conklin remark on the ____________ of evil that led to the discovery of Medusa as they chased Carlos.
(a) Complexity
(b) Double-crosses
(c) Coincidence
(d) Fortune

2. Who do the men determine was the leak to Carlos as he had listened in on the private call?
(a) Santos
(b) Peter Holland
(c) Dominique
(d) Pritchard

3. _________ has been absorbed by the economies of the various countries where it had operated.
(a) The CIA operative staiion
(b) Carlos' old men group
(c) The mafia
(d) Medusa

4. Bourne begins to remember Ogilvie from his __________ days.
(a) Hong Kong
(b) Vietnam
(c) Maine
(d) Indonesia

5. Jason realizes it was ________ that had hired the Mafia to come to kill him, not Carlos.
(a) France
(b) The CIA Director
(c) Russia
(d) Medusa

Short Answer Questions

1. Who promises to guard the children after hearing about the leak from Bourne?

2. Where do Bourne, Conklin, and Panov all want Carlos the Jackal to move to as he will be easier to trace there?

3. What does Bourne offer to Krupkin in order to get into Novgorod?

4. Who is badly injured in the gunfight at the airstrip?

5. Krupkin arranges for the necessary cleanup at the _____________.

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Peter Holland do in response to the report that Jason Bourne is dead?

2. What does Bourne's guide get for him when he is preparing to find out where Carlos is?

3. What does the persona of David Webb think about the shootout with Carlos?

4. What happens after David accuses Dr. Panov of being the mole in the CIA?

5. What does Bourne agree to go in order to ensure the loyalty of the Soviet agent he will be working with?

6. What is in the photo the Charles Casset and Peter Holland are looking at?

7. What is the aftermath of the Tranquility Inn's role in the events of the story?

8. What does Bourne recognize Mario to be during the gunfight, which is why he is kept alive?

9. What is at the entrance where Carlos got into Novgorod?

10. Describe some of the events Bourne experiences as he approaches the armory.

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