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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Carlos escapes by managing to pretend to be a _______________.
(a) Wounded bystander
(b) A KGB member
(c) Soldier
(d) Hysterical woman

2. One of the four men in the world who had direct contact with Jackal is high up in the __________.
(a) Parliament
(b) Komitet
(c) Ministry
(d) United Nations

3. Jason's contact in Novgorod is an American educated man called ___________.
(a) Bruce
(b) Brett
(c) Benjamin
(d) Justin

4. Bourne brought up charges against others in his own unit after they murdered a ______________.
(a) Japanese restaurant worker
(b) Vietnamese scout
(c) Innocent family
(d) Young girl

5. What does Jason Bourne accuse Morris Panov of being?
(a) A member of the KGB
(b) A cheat
(c) The mole
(d) A wimp

Short Answer Questions

1. Bryce is stunned by the information he learns because he thought __________ was dead.

2. What does Carlos use in order to recruit people for his new plans?

3. With what has Carlos the Jackal tied the young KGB man?

4. Despite acting like an American, the answer to #159 is completely loyal to ____________.

5. Dominique will tell Carlos that the ____________ is closing in on his man in Russia.

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