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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the security guards help Bourne do in order to get into the compound?
(a) Drug the guard dogs
(b) Surround the property
(c) Steal the General's car
(d) Open the front door

2. What has moved in, making it impossible for John to contact Marie in order to warn her?
(a) An electrical storm
(b) The old men
(c) Tropical depression
(d) Carlos

3. Where is David met by a CIA agent who takes him to the hiding place of Alex?
(a) National Airport
(b) Cemetery
(c) O'Hare Airport
(d) Langley

4. Pierre has a conscientious objection to murdering ____________.
(a) Women
(b) Families
(c) Anyone
(d) Innocent children

5. Who is the owner of the Inn on Montserrar?
(a) Jason Bourne
(b) Carlos the Jackal
(c) John St. Jacques
(d) Marie St. Jacques

Short Answer Questions

1. Santos lets Bourne know that Carlos the Jackal is beginning to build an army in _________.

2. Where is the ominous blood red name of Jason Bourne written during the murder or General Teagarten?

3. What do Holland and Conklin threaten to do with the answer to #85 if he does not help them with information?

4. How much does Bourne agree to pay the bartender for the information he needs and for his release?

5. Who is upset that David Webb has taken on the persona of Jason Bourne again?

Short Essay Questions

1. List two of the Medusa members that Alex Conklin smokes out.

2. What does Bourne warn Alex he will do if things don't go his way?

3. What does the Law professor's wife see in the room when she pushes her husband's office door open a crack?

4. Who is the top man in the Medusa organization and what position does he hold?

5. How is Bourne warned that the Jackal knows exactly where he is?

6. What does Bourne find out about Medusa when he goes to visit with Albert Armbruster?

7. In whom does Bourne place his trust to keep Bourne's wife and two children safe from harm?

8. Why can't John talk with Marie to warn her about possible danger?

9. How is Bourne saved from a trap at the street where the telephone number has revealed the address?

10. Describe the organization of Medusa.

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