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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. _________ demands to be let out of the car so he can go after the Jackal on his own.
(a) Morris Panov
(b) Bourne
(c) Krupkin
(d) Alex Conklin

2. What does Marie realize her husband had been doing, even though she hated it and he didn't even realize it?
(a) Lied about their relationship
(b) Prayed to God
(c) Carried a gun
(d) Dated other women

3. The plan was to make it look like ___________ was at the building to interrogate Dominique.
(a) Morris Panov
(b) Krupkin
(c) Alex Conklin
(d) Jason Bourne

4. The men decide to go to the ________ where Carlos is hiding, as the result of a phone call to Krupkin.
(a) Warehouse
(b) Hotel
(c) Armory
(d) Cemetery

5. Who has a free extended stay for all the things he did for David and Marie and their family?
(a) Morris Panov
(b) Alex Conklin
(c) Fontaigne
(d) Prefontaigne

6. Who is NOT at the cemetery meeting?
(a) Alex Conklin
(b) Peter Holland
(c) Jason Bourne
(d) Morris Panov

7. What does Carlos use in order to recruit people for his new plans?
(a) Fake dossiers
(b) Blackmail
(c) Money
(d) Force

8. Jason's contact in Novgorod is an American educated man called ___________.
(a) Benjamin
(b) Justin
(c) Bruce
(d) Brett

9. Though Alex has alerted the __________ to guard all the exits, Carlos still manages to escape.
(a) MI-6
(b) Hotel management
(c) CIA
(d) KGB

10. Where do Bourne, Conklin, and Panov all want Carlos the Jackal to move to as he will be easier to trace there?
(a) Lithuania
(b) Siberia
(c) St. Petersburg
(d) Moscow

11. Morris Panov and Alex Conklin remark on the ____________ of evil that led to the discovery of Medusa as they chased Carlos.
(a) Double-crosses
(b) Fortune
(c) Complexity
(d) Coincidence

12. Marie and David's children are being sent to a safe house. Where is the Tannenbaum Estate located?
(a) Maine
(b) Vermont
(c) Virginia
(d) Maryland

13. Despite acting like an American, the answer to #159 is completely loyal to ____________.
(a) Germany
(b) Soviet ideology
(c) French Foreign Legion
(d) Carlos

14. When the persona of David Webb tries to emerge during the shootout, he worries about _____________.
(a) Marie and his children
(b) Whether he will be hurt
(c) Innocent people who might be hurt
(d) Whether this is the right thing to do

15. The connection in Moscow is General _______________, someone who is already in the government.
(a) Rodchenko
(b) Radicchio
(c) Raskolinokov
(d) Romandko

Short Answer Questions

1. Who tried to kill Bourne at the location in #92, just 13 years ago?

2. What are the people at the armory running away from when Bourne arrives on the scene?

3. Marie tries _____________ Jason back into his David Webb persona.

4. Who agrees to help Bourne after accepting the money offered to him, which is then deposited into a secret Swiss bank account?

5. What does Morris Panov say to Jason when he walks up?

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