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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Marie receives a call from her husband, where does he say he is?
(a) A restaurant
(b) A mililtary base
(c) A pay phone
(d) The safe house

2. The contact of Carlos warned him 30 years ago that he was going to be liquidated by ___________.
(a) General Rodchenko
(b) Krupkin
(c) Jason Bourne
(d) The KGB

3. Where is the contact for Carlos the Jackal from?
(a) France
(b) Russia
(c) Cuba
(d) Spain

4. Louis and Mario are stereotypical ______________ who speak with great machismo about being able to take everybody out.
(a) Men
(b) Thugs
(c) Meatheads
(d) Mafioso

5. What does Marie realize her husband had been doing, even though she hated it and he didn't even realize it?
(a) Prayed to God
(b) Carried a gun
(c) Lied about their relationship
(d) Dated other women

6. Where does Jason Bourne land when he finally gets into Novgorod?
(a) Deep South
(b) Urban landscape
(c) Siberia
(d) Tropics

7. Bourne manages to get __________ onto the plane before it takes off and a gunfight breaks out.
(a) Alex Conklin
(b) Morris Panov
(c) Marie
(d) Randolph Gates

8. Krupkin reassures Bourne that ________________ is a very safe spot for his children.
(a) Terrastation
(b) Langley
(c) Tannenbaum
(d) Boston

9. Marie tries _____________ Jason back into his David Webb persona.
(a) Blackmailing
(b) Seducing
(c) Bribing
(d) Begging

10. Carlos escapes by managing to pretend to be a _______________.
(a) Wounded bystander
(b) Soldier
(c) Hysterical woman
(d) A KGB member

11. ____________ wants the Jackal himself once he finds out Bourne is being pursued by him.
(a) Benjamin
(b) Nicolo
(c) Krumpkin
(d) Bernadine

12. Who does Carlos blame for the fiasco at the hotel, according to information from Dominique?
(a) Morris Panov
(b) Marie
(c) Krupkin
(d) Jason Bourne

13. Who arranged for the release of Benjamin's mother from prison?
(a) Morris Panov
(b) No one
(c) Peter Holland
(d) Alex Conklin

14. Peter Holland calls John St. Jacques to tell him that Jason Bourne is headed to __________.
(a) Paris
(b) Russia
(c) Maine
(d) Langley

15. Where do Jason Bourne and Krupkin think Carlos is going to go?
(a) Novgorod
(b) Langley
(c) Moscow
(d) Paris

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is Rodchenko sitting when he is congratulating himself for all of his wealth and clandestine dealings?

2. What is coming from inside the armory that makes Bourne think something is taking place?

3. Who is NOT at the cemetery meeting?

4. Pritchard and his uncle are interrogated by whom to find out the phone number the uncle called?

5. To what does Jason compare Novgorod?

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