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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the pet name of Marie and David's son that is used for coded messages between these two?
(a) Mommum
(b) Meemom
(c) Meemee
(d) Mommy

2. Where are the woman and her two children moved to when rumors of others asking about them surface?
(a) Tennenbaum
(b) The Inn at Montserrat
(c) Langley
(d) D.C.

3. Who says that he will use himself as bait to help catch the Jackal?
(a) Jean-Pierre
(b) Alex Conklin
(c) Jason Bourne
(d) Morris Panov

4. Who committed suicide, realizing what was happening with Carlos the Jackal?
(a) Pierre
(b) The wife of Pierre
(c) Prefontaigne
(d) John St. Jacques

5. Carlos the Jackal is a ______ trained assassin who was dismissed from service because of his ruthlessness.
(a) Spanish
(b) Soviet
(c) Cuban
(d) French

6. When the old French gentleman is done killing the woman and her two children, he is to write on the wall, "Jason Bourne, the _______ of the Jackal."
(a) Hero
(b) Enemy
(c) Brother
(d) Killer

7. Who is the law professor and expert lawyer who is having an argument with his wife?
(a) Carlos the Jackal
(b) Randolph Gates
(c) Peter Holland
(d) Bryce Ogilvie

8. What has moved in, making it impossible for John to contact Marie in order to warn her?
(a) Carlos
(b) Tropical depression
(c) The old men
(d) An electrical storm

9. Where does Bourne decide to go in order to catch up with Carlos the Jackal?
(a) Cuba
(b) Maine
(c) Moscow
(d) Paris

10. Who is calling Conklin to demand that he reveal everything he knows about Medusa and Bourne?
(a) Charlie Casset
(b) Albert Armbruster
(c) Morris Panov
(d) Peter Holland

11. What does Bourne remove from all of his new clothing in order to make it look less new?
(a) Loose threads
(b) Sales tags
(c) Buttons
(d) Labels

12. Santos and Bourne work together in order to get Bourne together with ____, aka Carlos the Jackal.
(a) Blackberry
(b) Blackbird
(c) Blackbriar
(d) Black cat

13. Santos lets Bourne know that Carlos the Jackal is beginning to build an army in _________.
(a) Moscow
(b) Hong Kong
(c) Leningrad
(d) Prague

14. What did the Jackal find about Randolph Gates and then uses against him?
(a) His sexuality
(b) His drug addiction
(c) His adulterous ways
(d) His past murders

15. How does Marie find out about the murder of General Teagarten?
(a) Morris Panov
(b) Alex Conklin
(c) News
(d) Jason Bourne

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is most of the work now done at the CIA, as opposed to how it was done during Conklin's time?

2. How many costume changes does Jason Bourne send for?

3. What do Holland and Conklin threaten to do with the answer to #85 if he does not help them with information?

4. Who is the long retired CIA officer that is reluctantly drawn into the front of this new threat?

5. What is David Webb's wife's name?

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