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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Gates reveals that he paid ____________ $15,000 to deliver the information that a woman and her two children had flown to Montserrat.
(a) Fontaigne
(b) Carlos the Jackal
(c) Bourne
(d) Prefontaigne

2. Who tells Armbruster all he knows about Jason Bourne?
(a) Stephen DeSole
(b) Bryce Ogilvie
(c) Morris Panov
(d) Alex Conklin

3. Where is the ominous blood red name of Jason Bourne written during the murder or General Teagarten?
(a) Photograph
(b) Tabletop
(c) Map
(d) Wall

4. What do Holland and Conklin threaten to do with the answer to #85 if he does not help them with information?
(a) Cut off his hand
(b) Load him into a torpedo
(c) Kill his family
(d) Waterboard him

5. Bourne tells the bartender to call his contact and to tell him that the ___________ told him to call.
(a) Python
(b) Cobra
(c) Snake Lady
(d) Monsieur

6. What does Bourne remove from all of his new clothing in order to make it look less new?
(a) Labels
(b) Loose threads
(c) Buttons
(d) Sales tags

7. Where are the woman and her two children moved to when rumors of others asking about them surface?
(a) D.C.
(b) The Inn at Montserrat
(c) Tennenbaum
(d) Langley

8. What is the first name of the Mafia driver who was injured in the auto accident caused by Morris Panov?
(a) Louis
(b) Tommy
(c) Nicolo
(d) Roberto

9. Who tries to call key White House personnel in order to smoke out the key Medusa people?
(a) Dr. Panov
(b) Peter Holland
(c) Alex Conklin
(d) Jason Bourne

10. Who says that he will use himself as bait to help catch the Jackal?
(a) Jean-Pierre
(b) Morris Panov
(c) Jason Bourne
(d) Alex Conklin

11. Santos lets Bourne know that Carlos the Jackal is beginning to build an army in _________.
(a) Moscow
(b) Prague
(c) Leningrad
(d) Hong Kong

12. Dominique sets up a meeting between Bourne and ___________, and Bourne knows it will be a trap this time.
(a) Santos
(b) Bernadine
(c) Louis
(d) Jackal

13. At what time is Carlos the Jackal expected to arrive at the Inn?
(a) 12:00 PM
(b) 1:00 PM
(c) 12:00 AM
(d) 10:00 AM

14. Where was Jason Bourne supposedly killed when he went to meet the Jackal?
(a) Hong Kong
(b) Tokyo
(c) Paris
(d) Moscow

15. Who is planning on killing Fontaigne and his wife once the murder of Marie and the children is complete?
(a) Jason Bourne
(b) Carlos the Jackal
(c) John St. Jacques
(d) The nurse

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the pet name of Marie and David's son that is used for coded messages between these two?

2. What does Bourne remove from the room that tells him that the General did not kill himself, but he was killed?

3. Who insists that Bourne return to the United States in order to help capture Medusa?

4. Where is David met by a CIA agent who takes him to the hiding place of Alex?

5. Where is David Webb now living in order to hide from others who wish to kill him?

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