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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 12 | Chapter 13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Alex tells Bourne that it is __________ and not Holland that is the connection to Medusa.
(a) Morris Panov
(b) DeSole
(c) Boris Krumpkin
(d) Jack Ryan

2. Who does Bourne find out is taking over the Medusa organization, though it used to be a clandestine military organization?
(a) Civilians
(b) No one
(c) Chinese
(d) Russians

3. Where is Carlos the Jackal hidden when he is meeting with the man who will kill a woman and two children?
(a) Confessional
(b) Behind a chair
(c) In a tinted car
(d) In the bathroom

4. Who is the law professor and expert lawyer who is having an argument with his wife?
(a) Randolph Gates
(b) Bryce Ogilvie
(c) Peter Holland
(d) Carlos the Jackal

5. What did all of the Medusa members have tattooed on their arms?
(a) Snake lady
(b) Greek letters
(c) Rattlesnake
(d) Cobra

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is most of the work now done at the CIA, as opposed to how it was done during Conklin's time?

2. Where are the woman and her two children moved to when rumors of others asking about them surface?

3. Where is John St. Jacques summoned to as a storm begins to brew around the island?

4. What is the profession David Webb holds in his new hiding location?

5. What do the security guards help Bourne do in order to get into the compound?

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