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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 36.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Holland and Conklin threaten to do with the answer to #85 if he does not help them with information?
(a) Kill his family
(b) Load him into a torpedo
(c) Cut off his hand
(d) Waterboard him

2. What is the first name of the Mafia driver who was injured in the auto accident caused by Morris Panov?
(a) Louis
(b) Tommy
(c) Roberto
(d) Nicolo

3. Who committed suicide, realizing what was happening with Carlos the Jackal?
(a) John St. Jacques
(b) Prefontaigne
(c) Pierre
(d) The wife of Pierre

4. The problem with just taking _____________ out is that the CIA wants to connect his activities with people high in the American government.
(a) Jason Bourne
(b) Bryce Ogilvie
(c) Peter Holland
(d) Randolph Gates

5. Bourne brought up charges against others in his own unit after they murdered a ______________.
(a) Japanese restaurant worker
(b) Innocent family
(c) Vietnamese scout
(d) Young girl

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is planning on killing Fontaigne and his wife once the murder of Marie and the children is complete?

2. What happens to the repairman in #87 when he is just starting his work?

3. Fontaigne suggests that Bourne go back into hiding in order to allow Carlos the chance to die in ____________.

4. Dellacroce shows there is a connection between Medusa and _________.

5. The ___________ plan to go after Medusa may put David and Marie in jeopardy.

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