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Watching Bourne Ultimatum

Have the students watch the movie "Bourne Ultimatum" and try to decide whether there are similarities between these two very different stories.

Casting Jason Bourne/David Webb

Have students comes up with the person who might play the Jason Bourne of this particular novel in a movie of the same name. Matt Damon seems to be too young for the 50-year-old this character is supposed to be.

Famous Assassins

Have students do some research to find out what other famous assassins have been notable for in history. How do they compare with Carlos the Jackal?

What is Medusa?

Have students come up with their own explanation for what Medusa is and why they might have chosen that name.

Creating Your Own Secret Organization

Have students come up with a name for their own secret organization. What would be its goals and its objectives?

The Best Hiding Place in the World

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