The Bourne Ultimatum Character Descriptions

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David Webb/Jason Bourne

This character is a man tormented by having two distinct personalities residing in his body. His past includes being a member of a death squad in Vietnam and a CIA trained assassin.

Ilich Ramirez Sanchez / Carlos the Jackal

What is known about this character is his clever criminality and his hatred of the challenger to his title as the world's greatest assassin. This character is larger than life and has better organization than either the CIA or the KGB.

Alex Conklin

An ex-CIA field manager, this character once tried to kill one of his team members, even though they were friends.

Dr. Morris Panov

This character was successful in bringing another character back to life after he had been brainwashed into becoming a ruthless assassin.

Marie St. Jacques Webb

This character is the wife of another character, who was with her husband thirteen years...

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