The Bourne Ultimatum Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Prologue | Chapter 1

• Jason Bourne was not killed as had been publicized.

• Bourne is now living in Maine as David Webb.

• Carlos the Jackal wants to kill Bourne, causing Bourne to come back as an assassin to protect his family.

• An assassination attempt is made on two lives in order to draw Bourne out of hiding.

• Bourne is told to go to an island in the Caribbean.

Chapter 2 | Chapter 3

• Conklin is also drawn back into the CIA, though he was retired.

• Others in the CIA believe Bourne to be a scumball.

• Conklin wonders why Bourne's top secret identity is suddenly known.

• Conklin believes there is a leak in the CIA.

• Conklin tells the CIA directors the real story of Jason Bourne.

• A second attempt is made on the lives of Panov and Alex.

Chapter 4 | Chapter 5

• Bourne is taken to meet with Alex in a secret location.

• Jackal is now...

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