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Short Answer Questions

1. Who breaks their jug on the table in indignation at the Prussian officer's request regarding Boule de Suif?

2. What instrument does Monsieur Follenvie's chest sound like during the card game the first day in Totes?

3. What is the weather like as the passengers wait for their seats in "Boule de Suif"?

4. Why does the four-horse coach decide to leave on Tuesday morning before daybreak?

5. In "Boule de Suif," how do the men speak of money matters in the coach?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the Prussian officer's manner and dress when he meets with the male passengers in his room and how does it contrast with the male passengers?

2. How does Boule de Suif respond to the Prussian's inquiry about whether or not she has changed her mind, and why is it significant?

3. What happens once the Prussians arrive in Rouen and why is it significant?

4. What do the passengers begin to call Boule de Suif in order to persuade her to sleep with the Prussian officer?

5. How do the women on the coach treat Boule de Suif on the first leg of their journey and why is it significant?

6. How does Monsieur Follenvie respond to the travelers inquiries about the Prussian officer and why is it significant?

7. What word does Boule de Suif use to describe to the other coach passengers the Prussian officer's intentions toward her and how is it significant?

8. How are the provisions the passengers provide in the coach from Totes described, and why is it significant?

9. How do the nuns respond to how the other passengers' treatment of Boule de Suif in the coach from Totes, and why is it significant?

10. What kind of duties are the Prussian soldiers engaged in when the male passengers search for the coach driver in town, and why is it surprising?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss dramatic irony in "Boule de Suif."

1) Define dramatic irony.

2) What scenes employ dramatic irony?

Essay Topic 2

Hypocrisy is a major theme in Boule de Suif. Discuss who is hypocritical in the story and why.

Essay Topic 3

Discuss how the notion of heroism is portrayed in the story. What makes Boule de Suif a heroine?

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