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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What instrument does Monsieur Follenvie's chest sound like during the card game the first day in Totes?
(a) A horn.
(b) A guitar.
(c) A drum.
(d) An organ.

2. Why do the coach passengers resemble "obese priests in their cassocks" when they meet for their seats?
(a) Because they are very fat.
(b) Because they are devout Christians.
(c) Because they are disguised as priests.
(d) Because they are swathed in heavy winter wraps.

3. As "Boule de Suif" opens, how many days have the soldiers wandered through town?
(a) Several.
(b) Few.
(c) Two.
(d) One.

4. What does Boule de Suif stammer when she returns from her meeting with Prussian officer when they first arrive in Totes?
(a) "Oh, the coward, the coward!"
(b) "Oh, the hero, the hero!"
(c) "Oh, the rascal, the rascal!"
(d) "Oh, the scoundrel! The scoundrel!"

5. As they dined after the first indignant outburst the first day in Totes, the coach passengers spoke _______and thought _______.
(a) Little; some.
(b) Little; much.
(c) Much; little.
(d) Some; much.

Short Answer Questions

1. When they arrive at Totes, the mood at supper after Boule de Suif returns from her meeting with the Prussian officer is characterized as what?

2. What is NOT one of the reasons the coach passengers discuss in the kitchen after the meeting with the Prussian officer the first day in Totes?

3. What does Cornudet have that he offers to his neighbors in the coach on the way to Totes?

4. What is the Prussian officer wearing when the male passengers meet them after luncheon the first day in Totes?

5. In the beginning of "Boule de Suif," what are the "Avengers of Defeat," "Citizens of the Tomb," and "Brethren in Death."

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Madame Carre-Lamadon describe the Prussian officer and what does it signify?

2. Who is Boule de Suif and what is the metaphor Maupassant uses to describe her appearance.

3. How does the countess and Madame Loiseau react to Boule de Suif's misery in the coach at the end of "Boule de Suif"?

4. How are the provisions the passengers provide in the coach from Totes described, and why is it significant?

5. What is the passengers' attitude toward Boule de Suif on their second day of detention in Totes?

6. What do the conquerors demand of the inhabitants of Rouen and what are the consequences?

7. How do the other passengers respond to Boule de Suif the morning of their departure from Totes, and how is it significant?

8. How do the women on the coach treat Boule de Suif on the first leg of their journey and why is it significant?

9. How are the ten passengers permitted to leave Rouen for Havre by way of Dieppe and why is it significant?

10. What is Maupassant's attitude toward those German soldiers who die by the hand of French citizens?

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