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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do the coach passengers resemble "obese priests in their cassocks" when they meet for their seats?
(a) Because they are very fat.
(b) Because they are swathed in heavy winter wraps.
(c) Because they are devout Christians.
(d) Because they are disguised as priests.

2. Who does Loiseau fancy he sees receive a noiseless blow in the dark in the coach?
(a) The coachman.
(b) Monsieur Carre-Lamadon.
(c) Comte de Breville.
(d) Cornudet.

3. In "Boule de Suif," why could no one mention Loiseau's name without adding that he was an "extraordinary man"?
(a) Because of his gorgeous wife.
(b) Because of his practical jokes.
(c) Because of his fortune.
(d) Because of his excellent wine.

4. At the beginning of the story, the vanquished in the city of Rouen realize they had to be civil to whom?
(a) Their conquerors.
(b) Their peers.
(c) Their family.
(d) Their allies.

5. In the morning of their first day in Totes, what do the male passengers see the Prussian soldiers doing in the town square while looking for the coach driver?
(a) Burying the dead and attending to the wounded.
(b) Practicing drills for the next battle.
(c) Stockpiling weapons and provisions.
(d) Helping the women with household chores.

6. As they dined after the first indignant outburst the first day in Totes, the coach passengers spoke _______and thought _______.
(a) Some; much.
(b) Little; much.
(c) Little; some.
(d) Much; little.

7. In the beginning of "Boule de Suif," what happens to the National Guards' arms, uniforms, and death dealing paraphernalia?
(a) It was quickly burned.
(b) It suddenly disappeared.
(c) It was slowly buried.
(d) It appeared intermittently.

8. The soldiers advanced in what kind of fashion in the beginning of "Boule de Suif"?
(a) Bizarre.
(b) Productive.
(c) Listless.
(d) Happy.

9. Why does Boule de Suif refuse Cornudet their first night in Totes?
(a) Because she would not suffer to dine with a loathsome companion.
(b) Because she would not suffer to speak to the enemy.
(c) Because she would not suffer to spy on her neighbors.
(d) Because she would not suffer to be caressed with the enemy nearby.

10. When the coach lights the lantern, what hovers over the sweating flanks of the horses and roadside?
(a) A cloud of vapor.
(b) A shadow of moonlight.
(c) A dense fog.
(d) A light mist.

11. What does Monsieur Follenvie tell his wife to do when she comes to fetch him to go to bed during the card game?
(a) Have a glass of milk in the drawing room.
(b) Put my egg-nogg by the fire.
(c) Wait up with my sherry.
(d) Fetch my slippers before retiring.

12. Who faints from hunger after the odor of food permeates the coach in the story?
(a) Madame Carre-Lamadon.
(b) The old nun.
(c) Comtesse de Breville
(d) Boule de Suif.

13. In the beginning of "Boule de Suif," what kind of soldiers are NOT wandering through the town?
(a) Retired.
(b) Artillerymen.
(c) Volunteers.
(d) Enlisted.

14. According to the coach driver, what does he tell the male passengers who have been looking for him the morning of the first day in Totes that he is forbidden to do?
(a) Fraternize with them.
(b) Discuss politics.
(c) Attend confession.
(d) Harness the horses.

15. What settles on the city of Rouen in the beginning of "Boule de Suif"?
(a) A flurry of activity and sudden expectation.
(b) A dense fog and quiet anticipation.
(c) A howling wind and united front.
(d) A profound calm and silent dread.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does the four-horse coach decide to leave on Tuesday morning before daybreak?

2. Who sends the Prussian officer a card on which Monsieur Carre-Lamadon inscribes his name and titles?

3. According to the servant, why does Monsieur Follenvie never rise before ten o'clock?

4. Who declares at dinner the first day in Totes that the Prussians behaved liked "ancient barbarians"?

5. At luncheon the first day in Totes, who appears ill and worried as they dine?

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