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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Boule de Suif refuse Cornudet their first night in Totes?
(a) Because she would not suffer to speak to the enemy.
(b) Because she would not suffer to be caressed with the enemy nearby.
(c) Because she would not suffer to spy on her neighbors.
(d) Because she would not suffer to dine with a loathsome companion.

2. The Prussian officer afforded a ______example of that ______bearing which seems natural to the ______soldier.
(a) Poor; insolent; defeated.
(b) Poor; hospitable; defeated.
(c) Fine; insolent; victorious.
(d) Fine; hospitable; victorious.

3. What is the name of the hotel the coach stops in front of when they arrive in Totes?
(a) Hotel du Napoleon.
(b) Hotel du Lyon.
(c) Hotel du Totes.
(d) Hotel du Commerce.

4. What is the weather like as the passengers wait for their seats in "Boule de Suif"?
(a) It is sunny.
(b) It is snowing.
(c) It is cloudy.
(d) It is raining.

5. How many hours has the coach been on the road for when they see the lights glimmer from Totes?
(a) Nine.
(b) Eleven.
(c) Five.
(d) Fourteen.

6. What does Cornudet have that he offers to his neighbors in the coach on the way to Totes?
(a) A bottle of rum.
(b) A knuckle of ham.
(c) A crust of bread.
(d) A carafe of coffee.

7. Who does Loiseau fancy he sees receive a noiseless blow in the dark in the coach?
(a) Monsieur Carre-Lamadon.
(b) The coachman.
(c) Comte de Breville.
(d) Cornudet.

8. In the morning of their first day in Totes, where do the male passengers find the coach driver?
(a) In the village cafe.
(b) In the church.
(c) In the hotel lobby.
(d) In the stable.

9. In "Boule de Suif," who is a king in the cotton trade with a much younger wife?
(a) Cornudet.
(b) Comte Hubert de Breville.
(c) Monsieur Carre-Lamadon.
(d) Monsieur de Suif.

10. In "Boule de Suif," why could no one mention Loiseau's name without adding that he was an "extraordinary man"?
(a) Because of his practical jokes.
(b) Because of his fortune.
(c) Because of his excellent wine.
(d) Because of his gorgeous wife.

11. "Boule de Suif" is set during which war?
(a) Franco-Prussian.
(b) Napoleonic.
(c) Spanish.
(d) WWI.

12. What do the coach passengers do to pass the two hours before dinner the first day in Totes?
(a) Play cards.
(b) Read the paper.
(c) Recite scripture.
(d) Walk to town.

13. What does the rumor about the Prussians concern in the beginning of "Boule de Suif"?
(a) That they were about to enter Paris.
(b) That they were about to leave Paris.
(c) That they were about to leave Rouen.
(d) That they were about to enter Rouen.

14. In the beginning of "Boule de Suif" who are "scoundrels often brave beyond measure"?
(a) Debauchees and aristocracy.
(b) Pillagers and debauchees.
(c) Merchants and nobility.
(d) Pillagers and nobility.

15. Why do the men invite Monsieur Follenvie to join their card game after dinner the first day in Totes?
(a) To question him on how to change the officer's mind.
(b) To request from him another free night at the inn.
(c) To berate him about the lack of provisions.
(d) To cheat him out of his money in cards.

Short Answer Questions

1. In "Boule de Suif," who alone is authorized to interview the Prussian officer on civil matters?

2. What port city do the merchants in Rouen have business in and have to reach, despite being occupied by the Germans?

3. Who refuses to meet with the Prussian officer after luncheon the first day in Totes, stating that he would never have anything to do with the Germans?

4. According to the narrator, who feels affection for the "pomp and circumstance of despotic government"?

5. What do boat-men and fishermen often haul to the surface in "Boule de Suif"?

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