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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the morning of their first day in Totes, what do the male passengers see the Prussian soldiers doing in the town square while looking for the coach driver?
(a) Burying the dead and attending to the wounded.
(b) Helping the women with household chores.
(c) Practicing drills for the next battle.
(d) Stockpiling weapons and provisions.

2. What does Boule de Suif stammer when she returns from her meeting with Prussian officer when they first arrive in Totes?
(a) "Oh, the rascal, the rascal!"
(b) "Oh, the coward, the coward!"
(c) "Oh, the hero, the hero!"
(d) "Oh, the scoundrel! The scoundrel!"

3. When they arrive at Totes, the mood at supper after Boule de Suif returns from her meeting with the Prussian officer is characterized as what?
(a) Tense.
(b) Mournful.
(c) Cheerful.
(d) Gloomy.

4. At the beginning of the story, the vanquished in the city of Rouen realize they had to be civil to whom?
(a) Their conquerors.
(b) Their peers.
(c) Their family.
(d) Their allies.

5. What do the coach passengers do to pass the two hours before dinner the first day in Totes?
(a) Recite scripture.
(b) Play cards.
(c) Walk to town.
(d) Read the paper.

6. What is the name of the card game the men propose to play after dinner the first day in Totes?
(a) Eleusis.
(b) Escarte.
(c) Eighty-three.
(d) Euchre.

7. What does the rumor about the Prussians concern in the beginning of "Boule de Suif"?
(a) That they were about to leave Rouen.
(b) That they were about to enter Paris.
(c) That they were about to enter Rouen.
(d) That they were about to leave Paris.

8. In "Boule de Suif," where do the travelers meet to take their seats in the coach in the morning?
(a) The main entrance of Normandie park.
(b) The courtyard of Hotel de Normandie.
(c) The garage on Rue Normandie.
(d) The lobby of Normandie bank.

9. "Boule de Suif" is set during which war?
(a) Franco-Prussian.
(b) WWI.
(c) Napoleonic.
(d) Spanish.

10. When the coach lights the lantern, what hovers over the sweating flanks of the horses and roadside?
(a) A shadow of moonlight.
(b) A light mist.
(c) A cloud of vapor.
(d) A dense fog.

11. In the beginning of "Boule de Suif," what kind of soldiers are NOT wandering through the town?
(a) Enlisted.
(b) Volunteers.
(c) Artillerymen.
(d) Retired.

12. The Prussian officer afforded a ______example of that ______bearing which seems natural to the ______soldier.
(a) Fine; hospitable; victorious.
(b) Poor; insolent; defeated.
(c) Poor; hospitable; defeated.
(d) Fine; insolent; victorious.

13. Where is the Prussian officer staying in the inn in Totes?
(a) In the best room.
(b) In the back room.
(c) In the front room.
(d) In a modest room.

14. Why do the men invite Monsieur Follenvie to join their card game after dinner the first day in Totes?
(a) To request from him another free night at the inn.
(b) To berate him about the lack of provisions.
(c) To cheat him out of his money in cards.
(d) To question him on how to change the officer's mind.

15. What year does the story "Boule de Suif" take place?
(a) 1771.
(b) 1971.
(c) 1671.
(d) 1871.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Cornudet have that he offers to his neighbors in the coach on the way to Totes?

2. Who refuses to meet with the Prussian officer after luncheon the first day in Totes, stating that he would never have anything to do with the Germans?

3. How do the leaders of "Avengers of Defeat," "Citizens of the Tomb," and "Brethren in Death" behave?

4. Why does Cornudet follow Boule de Suif to her room their first night in Totes?

5. As "Boule de Suif" opens, how many days have the soldiers wandered through town?

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