Boule de Suif Short Answer Test - Answer Key

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1. How many passengers are traveling on a coach in "Boule de Suif"?


2. What country are the passengers in "Boule de Suif" traveling through on a coach?


3. "Boule de Suif" is set during which war?


4. What year does the story "Boule de Suif" take place?


5. As "Boule de Suif" opens, how many days have the soldiers wandered through town?


6. What kind of soldiers wander through the town in the beginning of "Boule de Suif"?


7. In the beginning of "Boule de Suif," the soldiers wore long, dirty________ and tattered _________.

Beards; uniforms.

8. The soldiers advanced in what kind of fashion in the beginning of "Boule de Suif"?


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