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Franco-Prussian War

Create a site dedicated to the Franco-Prussian War. Include links to scholarly research and encyclopedic information, videos of documentaries, first-person accounts of the war, as well as photos to make a comprehensive and easily accessible site.


Imagine the soldiers from the Franco-Prussian war returning home to their loved ones. Create an organization that would facilitate the soldiers' homecoming, including medical and psychological assistance for them.

Standards of Beauty

As a "Tallow Ball," Boule de Suif is considered beautiful by the standards in which Maupassant was writing. Create a site dedicated to the different cultural, political, and social factors that create cross-cultural standards of beauty.

Mapquest Totes

Much of "Boule de Suif" is set in Totes, France. Create a map for the town and include the inn, square, village cafe, as well other points of interest.

Memoir of a Courtesan

Imagine Boule de Suif writing her...

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