Boule de Suif Character Descriptions

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Boule de Suif - This character is a prostitute whose appearance has earned the nickname English Ball of Fat.

Madame Carré-Lamadon - This character is small, dainty, and pretty, and is rescued by two nuns after fainting from hunger.

Monsieur Carré-Lamadon - This character owns three spinning-mills and is a member of the Legion of Honour.

The Coachman - This character is the driver of the coach who has been instructed by the Prussian commandant to inform the passengers to stay in Tôtes.

Cornudet - This character is a well-known liberal democrat who has political disagreements with the other passengers and is rebuffed by the protagonist after making sexual advances.

Madame Follenvie - This character is one of the innkeepers in Tôtes who does not appreciate the occupation by the German soldiers and is a pacifist.

Monsieur Follenvie - This character is...

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