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Short Answer Questions

1. To what or whom did Royko compare Richard Daley's character?

2. How were many of the precinct committee positions earned through the years?

3. What organizations gave Richard Daley his most loyal support?

4. Richard Daley had a role in getting Abraham Marovitz appointed to what position?

5. What nickname did Richard Daley earn while national attention was focused on Chicago?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why did Richard Daley have a daily meeting with the director of patronage and why was it important to his power?

2. What were some of the events that happened over the years along the route Richard Daley took to work?

3. What law enforcement order did Richard Daley make during riots that broke out after the assassination of Martin Luther King?

4. What was the motivation for Richard Daley to maintain segregation?

5. How did Chicago's city government conspire to segregate neighborhoods?

6. Why did the grand jury report on the Black Panther shootings cause problems for Daley's administration?

7. What was Richard Daley's first achievement as Mayor of Chicago in 1956?

8. Who was Vito Marzullo, for what was he famous, and what was his reward for his performance?

9. How did Richard Daley decide whose complaints will get satisfactory treatment?

10. How did Richard Daley respond to rumors of an anti-war faction planning to cause trouble at the 1968 Democrat National Convention?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

After a study found that the Chicago Police were more abusive to African-Americans than they were to whites, the commission suggested blacks and whites be treated more equitably. Richard Daley responded by ordering that whites apprehended by police receive more severe treatment. How was this decision by Daley, along with other events, a precursor to the violence that overshadowed the 1968 Democrat National Convention? Identify at least two other events that suggested Chicago was a dangerous site for the convention.

Essay Topic 2

Based upon what your read in "Boss: Richard J. Daley of Chicago," do you consider the goals of the Chicago desegregation movement to be for political power or for social access? Write an expository essay detailing your position. Use at least three examples from the book that support your view.

Essay Topic 3

How did Richard Daley's practice of paying top union scale for public works jobs affect the cost of the labor market in Chicago? What was the pressure on private employers to compete for skilled workers? Who actually paid the high wages for these workers? Who also eventually paid for the increased costs of production in businesses that had their operations and factories in Chicago?

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