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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What event led to the biggest scandal of Richard Daley's second term as mayor?
(a) A burglar was arrested.
(b) Three civil rights activists were found beaten to death and buried at a construction site outside of Chicago.
(c) A former ward committeeman went public with how precincts would routinely, "Vote the graveyard."
(d) The Attorney General of Illinois investigated and took steps to take control of the Real Estate Division of the City of Chicago.

2. By what kind of margin did Richard Daley win the election to his fifth term?
(a) He ran unopposed.
(b) One of the largest margins in his career.
(c) The closest margin of his career.
(d) The election was cancelled as his opponent died in a mysterious auto accident a week before the election.

3. After controversy around the 1968 Democrat National Convention subsided, what was the condition of Richard Daley?
(a) His record of strong arming opponents had earned him the contempt of political opponents.
(b) He became increasingly paranoid and withdrew to life as a recluse.
(c) He had become tired and proned to make bad judgements.
(d) He had his health, successful children, an outstanding career in Chicago politics, fame, and control of the Machine.

4. With whom did Richard Daley become most upset during the time of growing racial conflict?
(a) Civil Rights activist Martin Luther King.
(b) President Kennedy.
(c) Police Chief Orlando Wilson.
(d) Civil Rights lawyer William Kunstler.

5. Where did Daley choose to begin his urban renewal projects?
(a) On the south side between Daley's Irish Catholic birthplace and an African-American neighborhood.
(b) West Halsted Street near the Chicago International Amphitheatre where the 1968 Democrat National Convention was eventually held.
(c) Along Waveland Avenue near Wrigley Field.
(d) An old Italian neighborhood known as the Valley.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did Richard Daley handle complaints against his department heads?

2. What happened to segregation opponents who showed up at Richard Daley's house?

3. What did Martin Luther King do when Mayor Daley's actions did not satisfactorily address the problems of segregation?

4. How did segregation aid the Democratic political machine in Chicago?

5. What discrepancy was committed by public officials in 1970 that caused problems for the Daley Administration?

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