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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After the inauguration of John F. Kennedy, how many people were considered to be more powerful than Richard Daley?
(a) Just President Kennedy.
(b) President Kennedy and Sam Rayburn.
(c) President Kennedy, Speaker of the House Sam Rayburn, and Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson.
(d) President Kennedy, Speaker of the House Sam Rayburn, Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson and former Secretary of State John Foster Dulles.

2. Besides protesters, who else did security forces target for harassment during the 1968 Democratic National Convention?
(a) Organizers who were not at the protest sites.
(b) Sidewalk merchants.
(c) Spectators of the events.
(d) News reporters.

3. Who among the front runners for the 1972 Democrat presidential nomination called Richard Daley on his victory for his fifth term?
(a) According to the Washington Post, "Richard Nixon."
(b) According to The Chicago Tribune, "Edmund Muskie."
(c) According to Daley, "All of them."
(d) According to The Minneapolis Star, "Hubert Humphrey."

4. How did Richard Daley address the corruption within the city government?
(a) He had meetings with corrupt officials and reminded them of his basic creed, "Don't get caught."
(b) He personally took charge and fired or incarcerated offenders.
(c) He tried to blow the bad news off the front pages with big, circus-like events.
(d) He hired a P.R. firm to put a positive spin on the controversies.

5. By what kind of margin did Richard Daley win the election to his fifth term?
(a) The election was cancelled as his opponent died in a mysterious auto accident a week before the election.
(b) One of the largest margins in his career.
(c) He ran unopposed.
(d) The closest margin of his career.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did most Chicagoans consider the corruption within the department?

2. How did the public respond to Richard Daley's response to the outbreaks?

3. What finally forced Richard Daley to hear the demands of Martin Luther King?

4. What resulted from the high ranking personnel change that came to Daley at the beginning of his fourth term?

5. What were the issues that Richard Daley's opponent raised during the election before his fourth term?

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