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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. By what kind of margin did Richard Daley win the election to his fifth term?
(a) The election was cancelled as his opponent died in a mysterious auto accident a week before the election.
(b) One of the largest margins in his career.
(c) The closest margin of his career.
(d) He ran unopposed.

2. Who was Richard Daley's opponent during his fourth run for Mayor?
(a) John Warner.
(b) Robert Merriam.
(c) Orlando Wilson.
(d) Ben Adamowski.

3. What did Martin Luther King do when Mayor Daley's actions did not satisfactorily address the problems of segregation?
(a) Dr. King began staging protest marches in white neighborhoods.
(b) Dr. King was arrested by Chicago police on a voter fraud charge.
(c) Dr. King left for Memphis, Tennessee where he was assassinated.
(d) Dr. King went to Washington, D.C. and delivered his "I have a dream" speech.

4. How did Richard Daley address the corruption within the city government?
(a) He personally took charge and fired or incarcerated offenders.
(b) He had meetings with corrupt officials and reminded them of his basic creed, "Don't get caught."
(c) He tried to blow the bad news off the front pages with big, circus-like events.
(d) He hired a P.R. firm to put a positive spin on the controversies.

5. What did the election results for Richard Daley's fifth term mean for influence over the future of Chicago politics?
(a) The results meant that the coming political challenges would leave his influence subject to his successor.
(b) Growing apathy began to overshadow all the events of his early career.
(c) Suspicion among Chicago politicians fueled Daley's paranoia and he began making strange decisions.
(d) The results meant he could name his successor.

Short Answer Questions

1. To what did Richard Daley credit his large majorities in African-American precincts?

2. What did the election results for Richard Daley's fifth term mean for his influence over Chicago politics?

3. Who among the front runners for the 1972 Democrat presidential nomination called Richard Daley on his victory for his fifth term?

4. Why did Richard Daley claim he made the moves that he did with the 1970 scandal involving public officials?

5. Where did Daley choose to begin his urban renewal projects?

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