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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Richard Daley do if an ex-convict applied for a patronage job?
(a) Sent them a polite form letter telling them their quaifications will be considered.
(b) Ignore their presence on the list.
(c) Checked to make sure that the police know where they are.
(d) Verified with their sponsor that they are now clean.

2. How often were Richard Daley's phones checked for bugs?
(a) Twice a week.
(b) Weekly.
(c) Daily.
(d) Twice a day.

3. What were the campaign issues pressed by the Republican candidate in the 1955 Chicago mayoral election?
(a) Inconsistent garbage removal and government waste.
(b) Corruption in the Police Department and the Democratic Machine.
(c) Equal rights and desegregation.
(d) School funding and violent crime.

4. What organizations gave Richard Daley his most loyal support?
(a) Labor unions.
(b) Public schools.
(c) Bowling leagues.
(d) Law enforcement agencies.

5. In Chicago City Hall, Richard Daley was known by all of the following except:
(a) The Big Guy.
(b) The Man on the Fifth.
(c) Duh Mare.
(d) Hizzoner.

Short Answer Questions

1. Richard Daley became connected with a judge named Abraham Lincoln Marovitz. How did they meet?

2. What is the name of a famous criminal that Mayor Big Bill Thompson allowed to walk freely through the streets of Chicago?

3. When Joe McDonough was elected to County Treasurer, what happened to Richard Daley?

4. How were the various Chicago neighborhoods sustained economically?

5. Who was the last elected Chicago Mayor before Richard Daley?

Short Essay Questions

1. What was the school that Richard Daley attended after high school and what sort of skills did that school teach?

2. How did Richard Daley deal with scandals and inefficiencies within the city departments in Chicago?

3. How did Richard Daley decide whose complaints will get satisfactory treatment?

4. What were some of the events that happened over the years along the route Richard Daley took to work?

5. What is nepotism and how did Richard Daley use it?

6. To what office was Richard Daley's mentor elected and how did his mentor's habit help his career?

7. Who were two important candidates that Richard Daley chose to run for office after the turmoil of the 1968 Democrat National Convention and why was it important for them to win?

8. Where was Richard Daley customarily dropped off in the early years that he was Mayor of Chicago to make his regular stops before he went to City Hall, and why was that drop-off point changed?

9. How were Chicago neighborhoods like small towns when Richard Daley was growing up?

10. What are two daily rituals that Richard Daley had on his trip to work?

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