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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When was the Introduction written?
(a) While Daley was convalescing in the hospital.
(b) After an interview of Daley's widow.
(c) One day after Richard Daley died.
(d) After Daley won his last election.

2. Royko reported that _______________ were most suspicious of Richard Daley.
(a) Congressmen.
(b) Republicans.
(c) Illinois governors.
(d) Outsiders to Chicago.

3. How long was Richard Daley on the city payroll?
(a) 23 years as mayor.
(b) At least the next 48 years.
(c) Sporadically over five decades.
(d) 53 years.

4. To what or whom did Royko compare Richard Daley's character?
(a) John F. Kennedy.
(b) A kindly father figure.
(c) George Washington.
(d) The City of Chicago.

5. What happened when Richard Daley ran for his second term?
(a) He chose to step aside and run for state senate.
(b) He was overwhelmingly re-elected.
(c) The election ended in a draw and Daley ended up being selected by the Chicago City Council.
(d) Corruption and segregation caused him to be narrowly defeated by Robert Merriam.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was one of the issues that members of the Democratic Central Committee used to oppose Richard Daley during his campaign to become Chairman of the Cook County Democratic Central Committee?

2. Who was the last elected Chicago Mayor before Richard Daley?

3. What was Richard Daley's unusual moral code?

4. What public office traditionally rose through the Chicago Democratic political system?

5. What supplemental role did the Chicago Police Department perform for Richard Daley?

Short Essay Questions

1. What was the "Battle of Michigan Avenue"?

2. What was a rumor the Democratic Machine spread about Alderman Robert Merriam to help Richard Daley's win the 1955 mayoral election?

3. What was the comparison Mike Royko made between Richard Daley and the people of the City of Chicago?

4. What was the motivation for Richard Daley to maintain segregation?

5. What did Mike Royko believe will come of the memory of Richard Daley's reign as Mayor of Chicago?

6. How did Richard Daley earn and keep the support of unions?

7. What was the most notable contribution Richard Daley made to the Cook County Democratic Central Committee and how was it shown?

8. Why, according to Mike Royko, were immigrants supportive of Richard Daley?

9. What was Richard Daley's response when a commission ruled the Chicago Police Department was to treat African-Americans the same as whites?

10. What infamous Chicago event took place in 1919 the day after Richard Daley graduated from his post-high school training and why was it important to Daley's story?

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