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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Joe McDonough was elected to County Treasurer, what happened to Richard Daley?
(a) Daley was left in Chicago City Hall where he eventually became a rival to McDonough.
(b) Daley decided to set his own course and run for state senate.
(c) The two split and Daley continued to pursue his career in City Hall.
(d) McDonough kept Daley in his office as an aide.

2. Who was among the more famous ward committeemen from the South Side of Chicago?
(a) Al Capone.
(b) Adalai Stevenson.
(c) Abraham Marovitz.
(d) Vito Marzullo.

3. What did Royko state disturbed Richard Daley?
(a) His friends being caught in corruption.
(b) Public displays of immorality.
(c) Republicans.
(d) Anti-war protestors.

4. What were the qualifications that a ward committeeman had to prove to get appointed to the head of a city department?
(a) They had to have or be working toward a master's degree related to the position for which they were contending.
(b) They had to deliver huge number of votes for Democrat candidates.
(c) A clean criminal background and at lease five years experience in a related field.
(d) They had to have an attractive resume filled with achievements that could be verified.

5. What was the result to Richard Daley from the unusual circumstance of Clarence Wagner dropping out of the contest for Chairman of the Cook County Democratic Central Committee?
(a) Richard Daley was suspected of being corrupt and unworthy of trust for several years.
(b) Daley was seen as an uncouth opportunist who took advantage of the misfortunes of his political opponenets.
(c) Daley was both feared and respected by the hard fighting politicians in Chicago.
(d) Richard Daley became Chairman of the Cook County Democratic Party.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the profession of Mike Royko, author of "Boss: Richard J. Daley of Chicago"?

2. What was among the influences for which Vito Marzullo was well known?

3. How did Richard Daley's day begin and end?

4. Why did some members of the Cook County Democratic Central Committee believe that Richard Daley was not suited for the position of Chairman?

5. What was among the promises that Daley made during the campaign?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did Richard Daley respond to rumors of an anti-war faction planning to cause trouble at the 1968 Democrat National Convention?

2. Why did leading contenders for the Democratic presidential nomination of 1972 congratulate Richard Daley on his 1971 election victory?

3. What was the motivation for Richard Daley to maintain segregation?

4. How did Richard Daley become a candidate for Mayor of Chicago?

5. What was Richard Daley's margin of victory in 1971 and what did it mean for his power over Chicago?

6. What were some of the events that happened over the years along the route Richard Daley took to work?

7. Why did Richard Daley have a daily meeting with the director of patronage and why was it important to his power?

8. What was the "Battle of Michigan Avenue"?

9. What was the Democratic Central Committee and how did Richard Daley become a part of it?

10. What was the result of the turmoil during the 1968 Democratic National Convention to Richard Daley's personal popularity?

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