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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In his earlier years as Chicago Mayor, Richard Daley walked down Michigan Avenue to greet people. Why did he stop the practice?
(a) He moved to a new, spacious house which made a trip to Michigan for a walk impractical.
(b) People who protested his power were a potential threat to his safety.
(c) The neighborhood became run-down and embarrassing.
(d) The walk in the early morning air was hard on his declining health.

2. What skills did Richard Daley learn in the Christian Brothers technical school?
(a) Jabbing and dodging for boxers.
(b) Smelting and extruding for iron workers.
(c) Welding a pipefitting for plumbers.
(d) Typing and shorthand for a secretarial position.

3. What was the most important rule Richard Daley learned from Joe McDonough?
(a) Keep a stiff upper lip.
(b) Don't look back, something may be gaining on you.
(c) Don't call us, we'll call you.
(d) Don't get caught.

4. What made the Cook County Democratic Central Committee so powerful?
(a) It was led by Adalai Stevenson.
(b) It set Democratic Party policy in Chicago and Cook County.
(c) It had direct links to Harry Truman.
(d) It was directed from Washington, D.C.

5. What is the topic for Chapter II?
(a) Chicago models apartied.
(b) Richard Daley's rough life.
(c) Chicago and organized crime.
(d) Richard Daley comes of age.

6. What was the first unusual decision that Richard Daley made after he was elected mayor?
(a) He had the door removed from his office to represent he would have an open administration.
(b) He maintained the chairmanship of the party while serving as mayor.
(c) He moved the mayor's office to the Chicago Democrat headquarters.
(d) He moved to a home next door to City Hall.

7. What was among the influences for which Vito Marzullo was well known?
(a) Selecting judges.
(b) "Voting the graveyard."
(c) Eliminated political enemies.
(d) Finding new political talent.

8. What were some of the other visible changes that Richard Daley made during his first year as mayor?
(a) He hired more cops and firemen, and he improved roads and street lighting.
(b) He hired more cops and firemen, converted empty lots into city parks, and established a new bus system.
(c) He established a new bus system, converted empty lots into city parks, and added a day to trash pick-up.
(d) He improved roads and streets, established a new bus system, and added an additional day to trash pick-up.

9. Richard Daley had a role in getting Abraham Marovitz appointed to what position?
(a) The Department of Defense.
(b) The U.S. Federal District Court.
(c) The State Department.
(d) The Supreme Court.

10. What supplemental role did the Chicago Police Department perform for Richard Daley?
(a) It made itself available for security to the Democrat Party.
(b) It acted as his spy division.
(c) It would accomany him to important public meetings.
(d) It provided security for visiting dignitaries.

11. Where were the headquarters of the Chicago Democrat Party in relation to Richard Daley's office?
(a) In the public library.
(b) Across the street.
(c) Near Comisky Park.
(d) On the south side of Michigan Avenue.

12. What is the topic for Chapter IV?
(a) Labor Unions and Chicago Politics.
(b) Nepotism and Chicago politics.
(c) Operations of the Cook County Democratic Machine.
(d) Organized Crime and Chicago Politics.

13. What happened when Richard Daley ran for his second term?
(a) Corruption and segregation caused him to be narrowly defeated by Robert Merriam.
(b) He chose to step aside and run for state senate.
(c) He was overwhelmingly re-elected.
(d) The election ended in a draw and Daley ended up being selected by the Chicago City Council.

14. How often were Richard Daley's phones checked for bugs?
(a) Daily.
(b) Weekly.
(c) Twice a week.
(d) Twice a day.

15. How did ward committeemen use their influence to encourage participation in elections?
(a) He would tell them, "Now that you are American it is you civic duty to vote."
(b) He would tell them, "Voting helps you protect the freedoms for which you left your homeland."
(c) He would tell them, "If you don't vote, you might lose your public housing."
(d) He would tell them, "Voting makes you as powerful as the people in elected office."

Short Answer Questions

1. What was Richard Daley's advice to city officials getting money on the sly?

2. What are patronage jobs?

3. What was the result to Richard Daley from the unusual circumstance of Clarence Wagner dropping out of the contest for Chairman of the Cook County Democratic Central Committee?

4. What would Richard Daley do if he discovered one of his married, Catholic appointees was having an affair?

5. Why did Richard Daley make the unusual move?

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