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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What nickname did Richard Daley earn while national attention was focused on Chicago?
(a) "Richard the lionhearted."
(b) "Daley the developer."
(c) "Dick the builder."
(d) "Dick the bruiser."

2. What was the result to Richard Daley from the unusual circumstance of Clarence Wagner dropping out of the contest for Chairman of the Cook County Democratic Central Committee?
(a) Richard Daley was suspected of being corrupt and unworthy of trust for several years.
(b) Daley was both feared and respected by the hard fighting politicians in Chicago.
(c) Richard Daley became Chairman of the Cook County Democratic Party.
(d) Daley was seen as an uncouth opportunist who took advantage of the misfortunes of his political opponenets.

3. What was the reputation of the mayor who preceded Richard Daley?
(a) He was a weak token.
(b) He was too stingy with patronage jobs.
(c) He was too easy on non-voting immigrants.
(d) He was too easy on Republicans.

4. What were the campaign issues pressed by the Republican candidate in the 1955 Chicago mayoral election?
(a) Corruption in the Police Department and the Democratic Machine.
(b) School funding and violent crime.
(c) Equal rights and desegregation.
(d) Inconsistent garbage removal and government waste.

5. What did people have to do to stay safe in Chicago while Richard Daley was growing up?
(a) Wear safety helmets.
(b) Stay in their own neighborhood with their own kind.
(c) Speak softly and carry a big stick.
(d) Show courtesy to women and children.

6. What supplemental role did the Chicago Police Department perform for Richard Daley?
(a) It made itself available for security to the Democrat Party.
(b) It would accomany him to important public meetings.
(c) It provided security for visiting dignitaries.
(d) It acted as his spy division.

7. What would happen to ward committeemen if they did not deliver votes on election day?
(a) Their precinct lost funding for projects he requested.
(b) The Democratic Party poured more campaign funds in his area for the next election.
(c) They lost their position with the Cook County Democratic Central Committee.
(d) He would end up, "sleeping with the fishes."

8. In Chicago City Hall, Richard Daley was known by all of the following except:
(a) The Man on the Fifth.
(b) The Big Guy.
(c) Hizzoner.
(d) Duh Mare.

9. To whom was Richard Daley most loyal according to Royko?
(a) Athletes, celebrities, the wealthy and oil sheiks.
(b) Former teachers, businessmen, mothers and veterans.
(c) Family, neighbors, old buddies, the corner grocer.
(d) Croney's, lobbyists, politicians and presidents.

10. What was Richard Daley's advice to city officials getting money on the sly?
(a) Cut me in.
(b) Find a lawyer.
(c) Read him his rights.
(d) Don't get caught.

11. According to Royko, What will be the most-remembered political legacy of Richard Daley?
(a) That he was kind and honest.
(b) That he was upright and consistent.
(c) That he presided over successful public works.
(d) That he was a political brawler.

12. In what year did Richard Daley die?
(a) 1966.
(b) 1976.
(c) 1986.
(d) 1866.

13. What was one of Richard Daley's first achievements as mayor?
(a) He won additional funds for Chicago public schools.
(b) He sought and received increased tax revenue through the Republican Governor of Illinois.
(c) He got federal funds to make Chicago streets part of the Interstate Highway system.
(d) He established a new affordable bus service to enhance mass transit.

14. What is the topic of Chapter I?
(a) Richard Daley's political growth.
(b) Chicago's transformation under Richard Daley's rule.
(c) Richard Daley's daily routine.
(d) Richard Daley's boyhood home.

15. What role did Joe McDonough play in shaping Richard Daley's political career?
(a) He chose Daley as his Chief of Staff.
(b) He rented a room to Daley so he could get to work on time.
(c) He introduced Daley to his wife.
(d) He taught Daley the ins and outs of Chicago's political machine.

Short Answer Questions

1. What personal relationship was Richard Daley maintaining that gave him the incentive to do well when he was working for Joe McDonough in the Cook County Treasurer's Office?

2. Richard Daley had a role in getting Abraham Marovitz appointed to what position?

3. What did Royko describe as Richard Daley's character traits?

4. What is the topic for Chapter IV?

5. How were the various Chicago neighborhoods sustained economically?

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