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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Epilogue.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was among the promises that Daley made during the campaign?
(a) He promised the sun will shine on all neighborhoods of Chicago, not just State Street.
(b) He promised a chicken in every pot.
(c) He promised jobs for everyone who wanted one.
(d) He promised that crime would be ended in Chicago.

2. Why did a particular important figure frustrate Richard Daley during the period of protests against segregated neighborhoods?
(a) Police Chief Wilson frustrated Daley because he treated African-American protestors with a light touch, and per their agreement Wilson was the one official Daley could not boss around.
(b) President Kennedy frustrated Daley because he did little to offer political support during the turmoil.
(c) William Kunstler frustrated Daley because he was continually threatening legal action on the injustices Dr. King publicized.
(d) Martin Luther King frustrated Daley because he had no control over Dr. King when he caused bad publicity with his protests.

3. How did Richard Daley address the corruption within the city government?
(a) He had meetings with corrupt officials and reminded them of his basic creed, "Don't get caught."
(b) He tried to blow the bad news off the front pages with big, circus-like events.
(c) He personally took charge and fired or incarcerated offenders.
(d) He hired a P.R. firm to put a positive spin on the controversies.

4. After the inauguration of John F. Kennedy, how many people were considered to be more powerful than Richard Daley?
(a) President Kennedy and Sam Rayburn.
(b) President Kennedy, Speaker of the House Sam Rayburn, Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson and former Secretary of State John Foster Dulles.
(c) Just President Kennedy.
(d) President Kennedy, Speaker of the House Sam Rayburn, and Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson.

5. How was Richard Daley's initial urban renewal effort accepted by those who who used the areas?
(a) Cubs fans were mildly inconvenienced, but hoped the changes would bring a World Series to the Friendly Confines.
(b) Residents in the Valley staged an uprising.
(c) Both the Irish and African American residents were suspicious at first but came to appreciate the efforts to improve and open their neighborhoods.
(d) The indigents who frequented Halsted Street alleys were chased off and eventually resettled in Gary, Indiana.

Short Answer Questions

1. With whom did Richard Daley become most upset during the time of growing racial conflict?

2. What was the most important rule Richard Daley learned from Joe McDonough?

3. How did Richard Daley respond to the outbreaks?

4. Richard Daley became connected with a judge named Abraham Lincoln Marovitz. How did they meet?

5. What was Richard Daley able to accomplish with the additional funding that the Republican Governor of Illinois granted to Chicago in 1956?

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