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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Epilogue.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where were the headquarters of the Chicago Democrat Party in relation to Richard Daley's office?
(a) Near Comisky Park.
(b) In the public library.
(c) On the south side of Michigan Avenue.
(d) Across the street.

2. Who was the Democrat official who became a rival to Daley in his climb to the chairmanship of the Democratic Central Committee?
(a) Clarence Wager.
(b) Benjamin Adamowski.
(c) Paul Douglas.
(d) Adlai Stevenson.

3. What did Richard Daley do if an ex-convict applied for a patronage job?
(a) Checked to make sure that the police know where they are.
(b) Verified with their sponsor that they are now clean.
(c) Ignore their presence on the list.
(d) Sent them a polite form letter telling them their quaifications will be considered.

4. Why did Richard Daley claim he made the moves that he did with the 1970 scandal involving public officials?
(a) He said that he had worked hard all his life and was interested in spending more time with family and friends.
(b) He said that he controlled City Hall and could do what he wanted with its money.
(c) He said that he controlled the Cook County Democrat Party and could do what he wanted with its money.
(d) He believed that Chicago was not ready for reform.

5. What are two titles given to ward committeemen?
(a) "Our beloved leader" and "the clout."
(b) "The clout", and "Mr. Big."
(c) "Our beloved leader", and "the boss."
(d) "The chosen one" and "the fair haired boy."

Short Answer Questions

1. How old was Richard Daley when he became a precinct captain for a South Side ward?

2. What public office traditionally rose through the Chicago Democratic political system?

3. What did the election results for Richard Daley's fifth term mean for his influence over Chicago politics?

4. What was among the influences for which Vito Marzullo was well known?

5. What tactic did segregation opponents use to point out the problem of segregation in Chicago?

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