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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter IX.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who did Richard Daley replace at the beginning of his fourth term?
(a) Police Chief Orlando Wilson, who retired.
(b) Judge Abraham Marovitz who was debarred.
(c) Dan Rostenkowski who moved to Washington, D.C., to serve as congressman.
(d) Ward Committeeman Vito Marzullo who passed away.

2. Richard Daley had a role in getting Abraham Marovitz appointed to what position?
(a) The Supreme Court.
(b) The U.S. Federal District Court.
(c) The Department of Defense.
(d) The State Department.

3. How did segregation aid the Democratic political machine in Chicago?
(a) Segregated precincts helped the Cook County Democratic Central Committee know where to apply pressure.
(b) Segregated neighborhoods helped Mayor Daley know where to focus patronage.
(c) If blacks were allowed to move into white neighborhoods, the whites would be enraged, withdraw its political support for the party in power, and the Machine would collapse.
(d) Segregation helped the Cook County Democratic Central Committee know which votes to count and which to hold back.

4. What supplemental role did the Chicago Police Department perform for Richard Daley?
(a) It made itself available for security to the Democrat Party.
(b) It provided security for visiting dignitaries.
(c) It acted as his spy division.
(d) It would accomany him to important public meetings.

5. What is a campaign tactic that Richard Daley used against all of his election opponents?
(a) On election day he had public works projects on streets for polling sites in precincts where he feared losing.
(b) He campaigned door-to-door in precincts where he was polling behind his opponent.
(c) He would have public debates against the opponent and stack the audience in his favor.
(d) The Chicago Democrat Machine spread scandalous stories about the opponent that was either false or irrelevant, but Daley kept himself detatched from the stories.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did ward committeemen use their influence to encourage participation in elections?

2. What role did Joe McDonough play in shaping Richard Daley's political career?

3. How did the public respond to Richard Daley's response to the outbreaks?

4. How did the press handle the April event?

5. Why did Richard Daley visit the Democrat Party headquarters after city council meetings?

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