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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter VII.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How deeply institutionalized was segregation in Chicago's city planning departments?
(a) White applicants for business licenses were given preferential treatment, white-owned businesses were provided police protection, and crimes in African-American businesses were not investigated.
(b) African-Americans were prohibited from moving into white communities, expressways were built as borders between ethnic neighborhoods, and geriatric homes were not built in white neighborhoods to prevent access by elderly African-Americans.
(c) Chicago public schools in white neighborhoods were sufficiently funded and teachers were routinely provided professional training support, while schools in African-American neighborhoods required additional funding from the community and the teachers were not given training opportunities.
(d) Parks in African-American neighborhoods were not maintained and hand very little landscaping or open fields, whereas parks in white neighborhoods were well maintained and landscaped.

2. What became the most consuming controversy during Richard Daley's first two terms as mayor?
(a) Segregation throughout the city's ethnic neighbor hoods.
(b) Ward committeemen turning in doctored election returns.
(c) City planners using their positions to profit from real estate development.
(d) Corruption in the police department.

3. What did Richard Daley provide these organizations to maintain their support?
(a) He paid at the top of the scale in union wages and provided an unending stream of massive public works projects requiring union workers.
(b) He worked to get government grants to provide law enforcement officials with the most up-to-date weaponry and forensic equipment.
(c) He influenced bowling alleys throughout Chicago to provide free league nights.
(d) He used public revenues to assure that the Chicago Public Schools System was fully funded and materials were easily made available.

4. Richard Daley became connected with a judge named Abraham Lincoln Marovitz. How did they meet?
(a) They met at the wedding of Daley and his wife.
(b) They met when Marovitz was a young prosecutor and Daley was a clerk in the City Council.
(c) They met when Daley took his only defense stand against Marovitz.
(d) They met when Marovitz was prosecuting one of Daley's gangster friends.

5. What did Richard Daley present himself as in his first campaign for Mayor?
(a) He ran as a fiscal conservative who would balance budgets.
(b) He presented himself as a hard-working family man.
(c) He ran as a skillful mediator who could handle conflicts.
(d) He ran as a law and order candidate devoted to fighting crime.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the topic for Chapter IV?

2. Richard Daley and who else knew how many patronage jobs existed?

3. What talent of Richard Daley's earned him praise from Democrats around the country?

4. Into what type of neighborhood was Richard Daley born?

5. How long was Richard Daley on the city payroll?

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