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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter IV.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was Richard Daley's family background?
(a) British gentry.
(b) Polish laborer.
(c) German farm stock.
(d) Irish Catholic.

2. When was the Introduction written?
(a) After an interview of Daley's widow.
(b) After Daley won his last election.
(c) One day after Richard Daley died.
(d) While Daley was convalescing in the hospital.

3. Richard Daley became connected with a judge named Abraham Lincoln Marovitz. How did they meet?
(a) They met at the wedding of Daley and his wife.
(b) They met when Marovitz was a young prosecutor and Daley was a clerk in the City Council.
(c) They met when Daley took his only defense stand against Marovitz.
(d) They met when Marovitz was prosecuting one of Daley's gangster friends.

4. What defined the geographic areas of Chicago?
(a) Architecture.
(b) Ethnicity.
(c) Proximity to Lake Michigan.
(d) Political affiliations.

5. How were patronage jobs issued in Chicago?
(a) The mayor gave them to the precinct where he had the most friends.
(b) Applications were taken and candidates went through a stringent interview process.
(c) They were bid upon by qualified candidates.
(d) They were distributed to ward committeemen who delivered the highest voter turnout.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did Royko suggest that immigrants were tolerant of Richard Daley's abuses of power?

2. What did Richard Daley do through the evenings of the 1920's after he was finished with his day job with the City?

3. What would happen to ward committeemen if they did not deliver votes on election day?

4. According to Royko, What will be the most-remembered political legacy of Richard Daley?

5. How did Richard Daley's day begin and end?

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