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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter II.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did Royko suggest that immigrants were tolerant of Richard Daley's abuses of power?
(a) They would get their kick-back.
(b) They knew if they were patient they would get theirs.
(c) They were accustomed to czars, kings, and emperors using power like a club.
(d) He abused power for their benefit.

2. In his earlier years as Chicago Mayor, Richard Daley walked down Michigan Avenue to greet people. Why did he stop the practice?
(a) The neighborhood became run-down and embarrassing.
(b) He moved to a new, spacious house which made a trip to Michigan for a walk impractical.
(c) The walk in the early morning air was hard on his declining health.
(d) People who protested his power were a potential threat to his safety.

3. When Joe McDonough was elected to County Treasurer, what happened to Richard Daley?
(a) The two split and Daley continued to pursue his career in City Hall.
(b) McDonough kept Daley in his office as an aide.
(c) Daley decided to set his own course and run for state senate.
(d) Daley was left in Chicago City Hall where he eventually became a rival to McDonough.

4. What would Richard Daley do if he discovered one of his married, Catholic appointees was having an affair?
(a) He would ignore it if he was a popular official.
(b) He would get pictures of the officials indiscretions and use them to coerce his cooperation.
(c) He would see to it that his public service career in Chicago came to an end.
(d) He would encourge him to get marriage counceling.

5. What past time of Joe McDonough helped Richard Daley earn political status and why?
(a) McDonough enjoyed deep sea diving and left the office frequently to Daley's care.
(b) McDonough was a widely reputed alcoholic so Daley's departure was considered wise.
(c) McDonough spent much time at race tracks allowing Daley fill the responsibilities of McDonough's office.
(d) McDonough was a philanderer so Daley began to sow the seeds of McDonugh's humiliation.

Short Answer Questions

1. What defined the geographic areas of Chicago?

2. Where were the headquarters of the Chicago Democrat Party in relation to Richard Daley's office?

3. What did Richard Daley persist in calling Chicago O'Hare International Airport?

4. What was the first stop that Richard Daley made everyday?

5. What was Richard Daley's family background?

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