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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter II.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What defined the geographic areas of Chicago?
(a) Proximity to Lake Michigan.
(b) Architecture.
(c) Political affiliations.
(d) Ethnicity.

2. How often were Richard Daley's phones checked for bugs?
(a) Daily.
(b) Twice a day.
(c) Twice a week.
(d) Weekly.

3. What did Richard Daley do if an ex-convict applied for a patronage job?
(a) Ignore their presence on the list.
(b) Verified with their sponsor that they are now clean.
(c) Sent them a polite form letter telling them their quaifications will be considered.
(d) Checked to make sure that the police know where they are.

4. What did Royko state disturbed Richard Daley?
(a) Public displays of immorality.
(b) Anti-war protestors.
(c) Republicans.
(d) His friends being caught in corruption.

5. In his earlier years as Chicago Mayor, Richard Daley walked down Michigan Avenue to greet people. Why did he stop the practice?
(a) He moved to a new, spacious house which made a trip to Michigan for a walk impractical.
(b) People who protested his power were a potential threat to his safety.
(c) The walk in the early morning air was hard on his declining health.
(d) The neighborhood became run-down and embarrassing.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did Richard Daley visit the Democrat Party headquarters after city council meetings?

2. When was the Introduction written?

3. What was the first stop that Richard Daley made everyday?

4. How did Royko describe Richard Daley's response to political brawls in Chicago?

5. When Joe McDonough was elected to County Treasurer, what happened to Richard Daley?

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