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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter II.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Richard Daley persist in calling Chicago O'Hare International Airport?
(a) Kennedy International.
(b) The Chicago Airstrip.
(c) O'Hara.
(d) The Airfield.

2. What did people have to do to stay safe in Chicago while Richard Daley was growing up?
(a) Speak softly and carry a big stick.
(b) Wear safety helmets.
(c) Stay in their own neighborhood with their own kind.
(d) Show courtesy to women and children.

3. Why is the Chicago race riot of 1919 an important event in Richard Daley's history?
(a) The violence forced his family to move where he made contacts that shaped his career.
(b) He was nearly killed in a counter attack that took place on the street where he lived.
(c) He was rumoured to be a leader of one of the gangs involved in violence.
(d) He used his negotiating skills to calm down competing gangs.

4. What did Richard Daley do through the evenings of the 1920's after he was finished with his day job with the City?
(a) He tended bar for several illegal speakeasies.
(b) He drove a truck delivering coal to factories.
(c) He wrote campaign speeches for Democrat dignitaries.
(d) He attended DePaul Law School.

5. What role did Joe McDonough play in shaping Richard Daley's political career?
(a) He taught Daley the ins and outs of Chicago's political machine.
(b) He chose Daley as his Chief of Staff.
(c) He introduced Daley to his wife.
(d) He rented a room to Daley so he could get to work on time.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who was the president that Richard Daley supposedly helped to elect?

2. What is the topic for Chapter II?

3. To what or whom did Royko compare Richard Daley's character?

4. Royko reported that _______________ were most suspicious of Richard Daley.

5. In what year was Richard Daley born?

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