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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter IX.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To whom was Richard Daley most loyal according to Royko?
(a) Family, neighbors, old buddies, the corner grocer.
(b) Athletes, celebrities, the wealthy and oil sheiks.
(c) Former teachers, businessmen, mothers and veterans.
(d) Croney's, lobbyists, politicians and presidents.

2. How long was Richard Daley on the city payroll?
(a) 53 years.
(b) Sporadically over five decades.
(c) At least the next 48 years.
(d) 23 years as mayor.

3. What was the result to Richard Daley from the unusual circumstance of Clarence Wagner dropping out of the contest for Chairman of the Cook County Democratic Central Committee?
(a) Daley was both feared and respected by the hard fighting politicians in Chicago.
(b) Richard Daley became Chairman of the Cook County Democratic Party.
(c) Daley was seen as an uncouth opportunist who took advantage of the misfortunes of his political opponenets.
(d) Richard Daley was suspected of being corrupt and unworthy of trust for several years.

4. What did Richard Daley provide these organizations to maintain their support?
(a) He paid at the top of the scale in union wages and provided an unending stream of massive public works projects requiring union workers.
(b) He used public revenues to assure that the Chicago Public Schools System was fully funded and materials were easily made available.
(c) He influenced bowling alleys throughout Chicago to provide free league nights.
(d) He worked to get government grants to provide law enforcement officials with the most up-to-date weaponry and forensic equipment.

5. What police action against a public gathering became a precursor to the Democratic National Convention?
(a) Supporters of Senator Kennedy refused to pledge their support to any other candidate.
(b) Dr. King's assassination caused discontent within African-American delegations to the Convention.
(c) McCarthy's antiwar supporters pledged to disrupt the convention if McCarthy was not nominated.
(d) Peace marchers ignored police orders to disperse and were beaten, maced, and arrested.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did Richard Daley address the corruption within the city government?

2. What is a campaign tactic that Richard Daley used against all of his election opponents?

3. Why is the Chicago race riot of 1919 an important event in Richard Daley's history?

4. What personal relationship was Richard Daley maintaining that gave him the incentive to do well when he was working for Joe McDonough in the Cook County Treasurer's Office?

5. Who was the president that Richard Daley supposedly helped to elect?

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