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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter III.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. If Chicagoans were disagreeable when they raised complaints to the city, how did Richard Daley regard their complaint?
(a) He tried not to get involved as the situation could become politically challenging.
(b) He would send the complaint to the appropriate committee.
(c) He would take extra care to see their complaint was answered.
(d) He would see to it that their situation got worse than when they registered their complaint.

2. Richard Daley became connected with a judge named Abraham Lincoln Marovitz. How did they meet?
(a) They met at the wedding of Daley and his wife.
(b) They met when Marovitz was a young prosecutor and Daley was a clerk in the City Council.
(c) They met when Daley took his only defense stand against Marovitz.
(d) They met when Marovitz was prosecuting one of Daley's gangster friends.

3. How long was Richard Daley on the city payroll?
(a) 23 years as mayor.
(b) Sporadically over five decades.
(c) At least the next 48 years.
(d) 53 years.

4. What is the name of a famous criminal that Mayor Big Bill Thompson allowed to walk freely through the streets of Chicago?
(a) Al Capone.
(b) "Pretty Boy" Floyd.
(c) John Dillinger.
(d) Bugs Moran.

5. What did Royko describe as Richard Daley's character traits?
(a) Hot-tempered, simple, devious and powerful.
(b) Simple, quiet, humble and kind.
(c) Loud, profane, immoral and angry.
(d) Studious, resolved, calm and patient.

Short Answer Questions

1. What past time of Joe McDonough helped Richard Daley earn political status and why?

2. When Joe McDonough was elected to County Treasurer, what happened to Richard Daley?

3. Who was the president that Richard Daley supposedly helped to elect?

4. Where were the headquarters of the Chicago Democrat Party in relation to Richard Daley's office?

5. Why did Royko consider Richard Daley to be a believable father figure to Chicagoans?

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