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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter III.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where were the headquarters of the Chicago Democrat Party in relation to Richard Daley's office?
(a) In the public library.
(b) Across the street.
(c) On the south side of Michigan Avenue.
(d) Near Comisky Park.

2. How long was Richard Daley on the city payroll?
(a) 53 years.
(b) 23 years as mayor.
(c) Sporadically over five decades.
(d) At least the next 48 years.

3. Who was the Democrat official who became a rival to Daley in his climb to the chairmanship of the Democratic Central Committee?
(a) Benjamin Adamowski.
(b) Adlai Stevenson.
(c) Paul Douglas.
(d) Clarence Wager.

4. To whom was Richard Daley most loyal according to Royko?
(a) Family, neighbors, old buddies, the corner grocer.
(b) Athletes, celebrities, the wealthy and oil sheiks.
(c) Former teachers, businessmen, mothers and veterans.
(d) Croney's, lobbyists, politicians and presidents.

5. Upon what has Richard Daley's quick rise in political influence been credited?
(a) His quiet and earnest work to help all voters get to the polls.
(b) His ability to see and negotiate his way through conflict.
(c) His membership in a club named the Hamburgs that spawned a number of successful Chicago politicians.
(d) His unique skill as an orator to persuade even the most seasoned officeholder to take action.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who did Richard Daley usually see first when he arrived at his office?

2. In what year did Richard Daley win the Chairmanship of the Cook County Democratic Party?

3. Who was the president that Richard Daley supposedly helped to elect?

4. What was Richard Daley's advice to city officials getting money on the sly?

5. How often were Richard Daley's phones checked for bugs?

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