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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter VI.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the topic for Chapter II?
(a) Richard Daley comes of age.
(b) Chicago and organized crime.
(c) Chicago models apartied.
(d) Richard Daley's rough life.

2. What was Richard Daley able to accomplish with the additional funding that the Republican Governor of Illinois granted to Chicago in 1956?
(a) Show the parents of school children that he wanted to improve education.
(b) Show decision makers in Washington that he could support their plans.
(c) Show the voters who could not afford a car that he would help them get to work.
(d) Begin new construction and present tangible proof to the voters that he is wasting no time in improving the city.

3. Why did some members of the Cook County Democratic Central Committee believe that Richard Daley was not suited for the position of Chairman?
(a) He was too conservative.
(b) Some saw him as too liberal.
(c) His professional background was considered to be to controversial.
(d) He was thought to be indecisive.

4. What past time of Joe McDonough helped Richard Daley earn political status and why?
(a) McDonough was a widely reputed alcoholic so Daley's departure was considered wise.
(b) McDonough spent much time at race tracks allowing Daley fill the responsibilities of McDonough's office.
(c) McDonough enjoyed deep sea diving and left the office frequently to Daley's care.
(d) McDonough was a philanderer so Daley began to sow the seeds of McDonugh's humiliation.

5. How were the various Chicago neighborhoods sustained economically?
(a) Each neighborhood had a connection with organized crime and rum runners.
(b) Each neighborhood had a core of entreprenuers who created jobs.
(c) Each neighborhood had industrial plants to employ local residents.
(d) Each neighborhood was able to earn federal funds to support racial minorities.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did Richard Daley regard suggestions from Independent members of the City Council?

2. Who was the Democrat official who became a rival to Daley in his climb to the chairmanship of the Democratic Central Committee?

3. What happened when the incumbent mayor before Richard Daley made his appeal before the Cook County Central Committee that was chaired by Daley?

4. What was the name of the lawyer who investigated the relationship between Daley and Marovitz?

5. What supplemental role did the Chicago Police Department perform for Richard Daley?

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