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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter VIII.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What were the campaign issues pressed by the Republican candidate in the 1955 Chicago mayoral election?
(a) Corruption in the Police Department and the Democratic Machine.
(b) School funding and violent crime.
(c) Equal rights and desegregation.
(d) Inconsistent garbage removal and government waste.

2. What was the most important rule Richard Daley learned from Joe McDonough?
(a) Don't look back, something may be gaining on you.
(b) Keep a stiff upper lip.
(c) Don't call us, we'll call you.
(d) Don't get caught.

3. How did Richard Daley respond to the outbreaks?
(a) He had a city hall meeting with civil rights advocates to get their input for a new police chief.
(b) He issued shoot to kill orders against arsonists and shoot to maim orders against looters.
(c) He ordered a restoration of Chief Wilson's policies in the African American neighborhoods.
(d) He restored water services to the fire hydrants in the neighborhood.

4. Why did Richard Daley earn a nickname while he was using public funding for various public works projects?
(a) He took personal risk in supporting Adalai Stevenson's nomination for a second run against President Eisenhower.
(b) He improved the downtown and lake front areas and upgraded O'Hare from a military airport to one of the nation's state of the art commercial airports.
(c) He was behind massive urban renewal developments in poor minority areas of Chicago.
(d) The country witnessed his tough political tactics first hand.

5. Who did Richard Daley replace at the beginning of his fourth term?
(a) Judge Abraham Marovitz who was debarred.
(b) Ward Committeeman Vito Marzullo who passed away.
(c) Dan Rostenkowski who moved to Washington, D.C., to serve as congressman.
(d) Police Chief Orlando Wilson, who retired.

Short Answer Questions

1. What were some of the other visible changes that Richard Daley made during his first year as mayor?

2. What defined the geographic areas of Chicago?

3. What major political event was guided by Richard Daley's leadership in 1956?

4. What were the issues that Richard Daley's opponent raised during the election before his fourth term?

5. What skills did Richard Daley learn in the Christian Brothers technical school?

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