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Chicago - Richard J. Daley was the Mayor here for twenty-one years.

Chicago's South Side - Richard Daley was born into the Irish section of this part of part of large Midwestern city, and it had been settled by the Irish beginning in 1840.

Bridgeport - This is the modest neighborhood where Daley lived all his life.

Dan Ryan Expressway - This is the road that Daley takes to City Hall. Daley named it after big South Side politician who was named after Daley's father.

City Hall - Daley's office, a three-room suite, was located in this building.

The Fifth Floor - This is the location of Daley's office. Daley was known as the Man of this location.

The Machine - This is the source of Daley's power. It was comprised of ward bosses, precinct captains, and voters, and they were all beholden to Daley.

The Valley - This is...

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