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Objective: Introduction: Mike Royko lived his entire life in Chicago and devoted his career to writing for various newspapers in that city. He emerged as a columnist during the reign of Richard Daley, one of the most powerful mayors in the history of the United States, so it was inevitable that his journalism career would be affected by reporting and commenting on Daley. This lesson focuses on Mike Royko to determine how his perspective affected this book.

1. Individual Activity: SOAPSTone Mike Royko's Introduction to "Boss: Richard J. Daley of Chicago". Use the SOAPSTone technique to break down the piece:
1. What was the Subject of the Introduction?
2. What was the Occasion for writing the Introduction?
3. Who was the Audience Mike Royko was trying to reach with the Introduction?
4. What is the Purpose for writing the Introduction?
5. Who was the Speaker in the Introduction?
6. What is the Tone Royko...

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