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Richard J. Daley - This person was the famous, five-term Mayor of Chicago. After one term in 1960, he was considered the most powerful man in Illinois and the second most powerful man in the nation just behind The President of the United States.

Benjamin Adamowski - This man was a former friend of a famous mayor from Illinois but became one of that mayor's most bitter opponents because he uncovered some scandals in the mayor's administration.

Matt Danaher - This person ran the 2,000 clerical employees in the Cook County court system.

Al Capone - This individual established the first American crime syndicate in a large Midwestern state.

Abraham Lincoln Marovitz - This person was a close associate of the Boss of the Machine, and he was elevated to federal judge through that connection.

Adlai Stevenson - A metropolitan mayor was credited with helping to get this...

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