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• The introduction first appeared 12/20/1976 on the day after Richard Daley's death in the Chicago Daily News as an editorial column by Mike Royko.

• Royko characterizes Daley as a parallel to Chicago, rough-tough, coarse speaking, loyal, pious in some things, corrupt in some things.

• Royko claims that immigrants tolerated Richard Daley's corruption as such was customary among leaders in their homelands.

• Royko suggests that Richard Daley became a "father figure" to the city.

• Royko suggests that Richard Daley's legacy over Chicago will extend well into the future because both Daley and Chicago love a good political brawl.

Chapter I

• Richard Daley's home kept overnight protection from Chicago Police Department (PD).

• Daley was chauffered to work on the same path everyday.

• Events from Chicago history have taken place along the ride.

• Black Panthers were killed in a shoot out.

• Martin Luther King was hit by a brick.

• Ethnic content...

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