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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Vicki and Tony head to their rooms at night in Chapter 9, what does Tony tell Vicki?
(a) He knows where the relic is.
(b) To stay in her room.
(c) He is going to stay at the castle with Irma.
(d) He loves her.

2. What has side tracked Vicki and Tony from their quest for the relic?
(a) Their rocky relationship.
(b) Their desire to find more gold hidden in the castle.
(c) The new friendships they have made.
(d) Everything else going on in the castle.

3. What announcement does George make while Vicki and Tony are looking over the blueprints?
(a) Schmidt has had another heart attack.
(b) There will be a funeral service for the remains found in the tomb.
(c) The Grafin is missing.
(d) The police have arrived to investigate the tomb.

4. Why can't Vicki open the secret panel she finds at first?
(a) Because the opening is on the other side.
(b) Because is it so old the mechanisms have broken.
(c) Because it needs a secret code to be opened.
(d) Because it has been nailed shut.

5. Whose tomb does George open in the crypt?
(a) Irma's mother's.
(b) Konstanze's.
(c) Irma's father's.
(d) The Count's.

Short Answer Questions

1. On the night Tony is attacked, what do Tony, Vicki, and George discuss late into the night?

2. Why does Vicki decide not to tell Tony about the secret passage?

3. When Vicki gets the panel open what does she find at the bottom of the stairs?

4. Who asks the rest of the group if Tony is dead?

5. What object does Vicki discover opens the secret passage on the other side of the panel in her room?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are Tony and Vicki told about Schmidt when they return to the castle after chasing the cloaked figure?

2. What do Tony and George find when they open the tomb of the Count?

3. What does The Grafin tell Tony and Vicki when she sits with them at lunch?

4. What happens when Tony, Vicki, Blankenhagen, and George go to Schmidt's room to see if he was the one behind Tony's attack?

5. What do Tony and Vicki decide about the death of Nicolas?

6. What happens when Vicki secretly follows Tony down the hall at night?

7. When Vicki goes into the secret panel in Schmidt's room, what does she find?

8. What does Vicki do with Irma outside of the castle and what is their interaction?

9. How does The Grafin respond when George tells her what they have discovered in the tomb of the Count?

10. How does Vicki prove her theory to be true?

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