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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Vicki and Tony head to their rooms at night in Chapter 9, what does Tony tell Vicki?
(a) He is going to stay at the castle with Irma.
(b) To stay in her room.
(c) He knows where the relic is.
(d) He loves her.

2. What does Vicki hold in her hand as the only solid evidence they have found by Chapter 8?
(a) A bullet casing.
(b) A letter from the Count.
(c) A rat-eaten paper.
(d) An angel's wing.

3. What did a woman at Konstanze's trial testify to?
(a) Seeing Konstanze dancing with a ghost in the foyer.
(b) Seeing Konstanze in the arms of Riemenschneider.
(c) Seeing Konstanze stab her husband.
(d) Seeing Konstanze in the arms of a winged figure.

4. When Vicki gets the panel open what does she find at the bottom of the stairs?
(a) The relic.
(b) A black hooded costume.
(c) The remains of the Count.
(d) The suit of armor that attacked Tony.

5. What does The Grafin tell Vicki and Tony when she sits with them at lunch?
(a) When her husband was on his deathbed he told her to sold the mystery or Nicolas' death.
(b) When she got married she learned the Drachenstein family history.
(c) When her husband was on his deathbed he told her about the relic.
(d) When she got married she sold everything she had to move into the castle.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does George report the findings in the tomb to?

2. What is determined about the remains in the tomb that Tony opened?

3. When everyone else is asleep in Chapter 9, where does Vicki sneak into?

4. According to Tony, how did Konstanze die?

5. Who was the winged figure with clicking hooves that was seen with Konstanze before her death?

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