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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to Schmidt while he is in his room the night Tony is attacked by an object in the castle?
(a) He is attacked.
(b) He has a heart attack.
(c) He is surprised by Irma hiding in his closet.
(d) He is visited by the ghost.

2. What does Vicki use to get the secret panel open?
(a) An ax.
(b) A crowbar.
(c) A hanger.
(d) A screwdriver.

3. When Vicki returns to the secret panel and finds a box, what is inside the box?
(a) The relic and a tan substance.
(b) An angel's wing and a blue substance.
(c) A tin of ashes and a red substance.
(d) A green frog figurine and a gray substance.

4. Whose tomb does George open in the crypt?
(a) The Count's.
(b) Irma's mother's.
(c) Konstanze's.
(d) Irma's father's.

5. When looking at blueprints of the castle, where do Tony and Vicki notice a secret passage?
(a) Between the foyer and the kitchen.
(b) Between the libray and Blakenhagen's room.
(c) Between the Count's room and the Countess's room.
(d) Between The Grafin's room and Schmidt's room.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who do Tony and Vicki discuss as the probable suspect in the events that have transpired in the castle?

2. When Vicki returns to the library to retrieve what she has hidden, what does she find?

3. Who does Irma spend her time flirting with?

4. What else did Vicki find in the library besides the diary pages ?

5. After all they have found by the end of Chapter 7, who do Tony and Vicki think stole the relic?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Vicki returns to her room after learning about Schmidt's illness, what does she look for and what does she find?

2. What does Vicki do with Irma outside of the castle and what is their interaction?

3. What do Tony and George find when they open the tomb of the Count?

4. What are Tony and Vicki told about Schmidt when they return to the castle after chasing the cloaked figure?

5. What happens to Tony, Vicki, and Blankenhagen when they finally figure out where the relic is?

6. What happens when Tony, Vicki, Blankenhagen, and George go to Schmidt's room to see if he was the one behind Tony's attack?

7. When happens to upset Vicki when she and Tony are walking the grounds discussing suspects?

8. When Vicki goes into the secret panel in Schmidt's room, what does she find?

9. What do Tony and Vicki decide about the death of Nicolas?

10. What does The Grafin tell Tony and Vicki when she sits with them at lunch?

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