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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Tony, why was Konstanze killed?
(a) For stealing the piece of art.
(b) For committing treason.
(c) For lying to her husband.
(d) For being a witch.

2. Why does Vicki think Irma is in such good spirits in Chapter 10?
(a) Because she loves having other people in the castle.
(b) Because she thinks someone is in love with her.
(c) Because The Grafin is missing.
(d) Because everything is going according to plan.

3. How does Blankenhagen describe Schmidt's condition after he nearly died?
(a) Critical.
(b) Stable but critical.
(c) Touch and go.
(d) Stable.

4. Which object in the castle attacks Tony?
(a) A dagger.
(b) A painting.
(c) A suit of armor.
(d) A sword.

5. Why does Vicki decide not to tell Tony about the secret passage?
(a) Because she thinks he is falling in love with Irma.
(b) Because she feels he may be in danger.
(c) Because she thinks he is up to something.
(d) Because she wants to find the relic first.

6. How does Vicki prove her theory?
(a) By confronting Irma with the items she found in the box.
(b) By gathering the remains and taking them to Blankenhagen's friend.
(c) By confronting The Grafin with the items she found.
(d) By gathering the remains and looking for the substance she found in the box.

7. What does The Grafin tell Vicki and Tony when she sits with them at lunch?
(a) When she got married she learned the Drachenstein family history.
(b) When her husband was on his deathbed he told her to sold the mystery or Nicolas' death.
(c) When her husband was on his deathbed he told her about the relic.
(d) When she got married she sold everything she had to move into the castle.

8. According to Tony, how did Konstanze die?
(a) She was stabbed to death.
(b) She was burned at the stake.
(c) She was stoned.
(d) She was poisoned.

9. Who do Tony and Vicki discuss as the probable suspect in the events that have transpired in the castle?
(a) The cannot come up with one suspect.
(b) Schmidt.
(c) Irma.
(d) Blankenhagen.

10. Who do Tony and Vicki think is behind Tony's attack?
(a) George.
(b) The Grafin.
(c) Schmidt.
(d) Blankenhagen.

11. What do Tony and Vicki see when they are in the cemetery?
(a) A dark, cloaked figure without a head.
(b) A women surrounded by fire but not burned.
(c) A figure dressed in white floating above a grave.
(d) A figure with clicking hooves.

12. What happens to the object that attacked Tony?
(a) It comes after Vicki.
(b) It is taken outside and put in the trash.
(c) It vanishes.
(d) It shows up in Vicki's room.

13. Who does Tony believe is in the tomb of the Count?
(a) The Count.
(b) Konstanze.
(c) Nicolas Duvenvoorde.
(d) Riemenschneider.

14. What does Vicki hold in her hand as the only solid evidence they have found by Chapter 8?
(a) A rat-eaten paper.
(b) An angel's wing.
(c) A letter from the Count.
(d) A bullet casing.

15. Where does Tony go that he will not allow Vicki to come inside with him?
(a) Schmidt's hospital room.
(b) The telegraph office.
(c) Irma's room.
(d) His bedroom.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did a woman at Konstanze's trial testify to?

2. Where does Tony go after breakfast, the morning after his attack?

3. Why does George offer to help Tony in the crypt?

4. Who asks the rest of the group if Tony is dead?

5. What does Vicki use to get the secret panel open?

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