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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does everyone go for the seance?
(a) The Grafin's chambers.
(b) Into the backyard.
(c) Into the family crypt.
(d) Irma's room.

2. What does The Grafin tell Vicki, Tony, and George to do before they go back to bed on the night Irma is woken up?
(a) Go to Vicki's room and look at the painting on the wall.
(b) Go to the foyer and look at the painting on the wall.
(c) Go to George's room and look at the painting on the wall.
(d) Go to Tony's room and look at the painting on the wall.

3. What does George want to do concerning the artifact?
(a) Write about it for a popular art digest.
(b) Go after it himself.
(c) Accompany Tony and Vicki to find it.
(d) Tell the autorities about Tony and Vicki's plans.

4. Why does Vicki become upset with Tony during dinner?
(a) Tony tells George and Jacob about her parents' divorce.
(b) Tony tells Jacob and George that he and Vicki are engaged.
(c) Tony puts his elbows on the table.
(d) Tony tells Jacob and George about the Riemenschneider artifact.

5. Why doesn't Vicki ever want to get married?
(a) She is afraid of committment.
(b) Her parents had a painful divorce.
(c) She feels a wife becomes a maid.
(d) She has already been divorced twice.

6. When Vicki was in elementary school, what did she realize as she compared herself to the boys in her class?
(a) She was more of a trouble maker than they were.
(b) She was quieter and sneakier than they were.
(c) She was taller and smarter than they were.
(d) She was shorter and dumber than they were.

7. Who at the castle tries to get information out of Tony and Vicki as to why they are there?
(a) Herr Schmidt.
(b) Doktor Blankenhagen.
(c) Nicolas Duvenvoorde.
(d) Irma Drachenstein.

8. What message does Irma relay to Vicki and Tony at breakfast?
(a) The Grafin wants to meet them in the garden.
(b) The Grafin wants to meet them in the foyer.
(c) The Grafin wants to meet them for tea.
(d) The Grafin wants to meet them in Irma's room.

9. What does Doktor Blankenhagen think about the castle?
(a) There is something going on but it has nothing to do with ghosts.
(b) The castle is possessed with ghosts.
(c) Somebody is playing a trick on them.
(d) It should be destroyed.

10. Who goes with Tony and Vicki to the crypt?
(a) Irma.
(b) George.
(c) Doktor Blankenhagen.
(d) Schmidt.

11. What happens to Irma after the words are translated?
(a) She faints.
(b) She crys.
(c) She gets angry.
(d) She runs from the room.

12. Who is just as excited as Vicki to see the Riemenschneider piece found?
(a) Jacob.
(b) Tony.
(c) Nolan.
(d) George.

13. What do George and Jacob have in common?
(a) They both go after rare artifacts.
(b) They both teach the same subject.
(c) They both love Vicki.
(d) They both are avid hunters.

14. What does The Grafin do during the seance?
(a) Smiles coldly.
(b) Holds a candle.
(c) Laughs uncontrollably.
(d) Paces the room.

15. What do Tony and Vicki agree will happen if Tony finds the artifact before Vicki?
(a) He will keep all the money made from the artifact.
(b) He will allow Vicki to present it to the family.
(c) They will get married.
(d) Their friendship will be over.

Short Answer Questions

1. How old is Vicki when she realizes she will never get married?

2. What is Irma's job at the castle?

3. How is Irma Drachenstein described in the book?

4. What does Vicki find when she searches the library?

5. According to the information Vicki and Tony find, who commissioned the piece from Riemenschneider?

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