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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8-10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do George and Tony not get along?
(a) They are both competitive.
(b) They used to be in love with the same woman.
(c) They have different philosophies about life.
(d) They are competing for the same job.

2. What does Vicki do with what she finds in the library?
(a) Hides it under her sweater.
(b) Throws it in the fireplace.
(c) Gives it to Tony.
(d) Locks it up.

3. Who does Vicki secretly follow at night?
(a) Schmidt.
(b) Blankenhagen.
(c) Tony.
(d) Irma.

4. What do Tony and Vicki notice when they first go to The Grafin's room?
(a) Nothing has been changed since it was described in the letters they found.
(b) The door to a secret staircase has been left open.
(c) All the paintings have been removed.
(d) Nothing has been sold from that room.

5. Where does Irma go after the seance?
(a) To the garden.
(b) To the crypt.
(c) To her room.
(d) To the library.

Short Answer Questions

1. When everyone else is asleep in Chapter 9, where does Vicki sneak into?

2. What was Riemenschneider's role in the peasants' revolution?

3. Who asks the rest of the group if Tony is dead?

4. Why does Irma decide not to buy a dress?

5. Why is it rumored that the piece by Riemenschneider may not have been finished?

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