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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 1-3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is Irma Drachenstein described in the book?
(a) As an old maid.
(b) As a large, boasterous woman.
(c) As a frail, small girl.
(d) As an elegant elderly woman.

2. According to Count Burckhardt, what does Riemenschneider's refusal to turn over the piece cause the Count to do?
(a) Sin.
(b) Bribe.
(c) Cry.
(d) Murder.

3. How is the relationship between Vicki and her co-worker, Tony Lawrence, described?
(a) They have a physical attraction and compatibility.
(b) They are using each other to get ahead in their careers.
(c) They have a strictly work relationship.
(d) They like each other but have not told each other yet.

4. What causes Tony and Vicki to be late to the dinner party?
(a) They stop to do some Internet research on Riemenschneider.
(b) They are engrossed in reading.
(c) They get into another fight.
(d) They are busy kissing.

5. As Vicki develops into a woman, what conflict does she notice in herself?
(a) Her feet are too small for the rest of her body.
(b) Her body does not match her brains.
(c) Her nose is too big for her face.
(d) She looks smarter than she is.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is generally thought about Riemenschneider's piece of work?

2. How old is Vicki when she realizes she will never get married?

3. What do Tony and Vicki intend to the do with the artifact if they find it?

4. Why doesn't Vicki ever want to get married?

5. What do Tony and Vicki agree will happen if Tony finds the artifact before Vicki?

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