Daily Lessons for Teaching Borrower of the Night

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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1-3)


Chapter 1-3

The story in Borrower of the Night is told from Vicki Bliss's point of view. The author introduces Vicki as a very strong, independent woman. This lesson will discuss Vicki and why it was necessary for the author to give her the characteristics he did, so she could fit into this story.


1) Individual Work: Have each student write a brief paragraph describing Vicki Bliss. Come together as a class and compare paragraphs.

2) Class Discussion: According to Vicki, why is she so independent? What do you think she means by saying it is hard to be intelligent and beautiful? What are Vicki's views on marriage?

3) Partner Discussion: Have each student choose a partner. Have each pair answer these questions: Why is it necessary for Vicki's character to be strong and independent to fit into the story? What are the risks she takes? What are...

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