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Relic Reproduction

Based on what you know about the relic, draw a picture of what it may have looked like.

Love Letter

Write a love letter from Tony to Vicki or from Vicki to Tony.

Castle Rules

Make a list of rules that may have been handed out to guests when they checked into Drachenstein castle.

Protest Sign

Make a protest sign that Riemenschneider would have held up at the peasants' revolution.

Castle Blueprints

Now that some information has been revealed about the castle, make a blueprint of its layout. Include your own secret rooms or passageways that haven't been revealed in the book.

Old Diary Pages

Vicki found some old pages from a diary in the library. Write a diary page as if it were the one Vicki found in the library.


Make a replica of the painting that is in Vicki's room which holds so...

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