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Chapter 1-3

• Vicki explains why she knew at the age of 10 she would never get married.

• Vicki talks about her childhood and her adolescence.

• Vicki says she has had to work hard to prove her intelligence.
• Vicki teaches at a small college with Tony Lawrence.

• Tony is in love with Vicki and wants to marry her, but she refuses.

• Tony and Vicki find a book detailing a missing artifact by sculptor Tilman Riemenschneider.
• Vicki and Tony learn the piece was commission by the Drachenstein family in Germany.

• It is rumored that the piece may have never existed.

• It is rumored that Riemenschneider refused to release the piece to the Drachenstein family after his arrest for helping the peasants.
• As Tony and Vicki read more about the artifact, they decide to go to Germany to look for it.

• Tony and Vicki meet Jacob Myers at a dinner party, and...

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