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Daniel Tammet
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In what experiment did Daniel participate with Dr. Gary Morgan in 2005?
(a) Reacting to bird song.
(b) Synesthetic connections.
(c) Learning British sign language.
(d) Emotional language.

2. How does Daniel meet his partner, Neil?
(a) At a party.
(b) Online.
(c) In school.
(d) Through a newspaper ad.

3. Why did Daniel decide to publicly recite as many digits in the number pi as he could to beat a record?
(a) To raise money for the National Society for Epilepsy.
(b) For a documentary he was making.
(c) To raise money for autism research.
(d) To impress Neil.

4. What does Kim Peek's father, Fran, tell Daniel to say to Kim upon meeting him?
(a) "Give him your birth date."
(b) "Tell him you like this library."
(c) "Ask him if he is a savant, too."
(d) "Ask him about pi."

5. What American television show did Daniel appear on after the broadcasting of the documentary he was in?
(a) The View.
(b) The Tonight Show.
(c) Late Show with David Letterman.
(d) The Today Show.

6. What types of words does Daniel find most difficult?
(a) Metaphors.
(b) Abstract words.
(c) Adjectives.
(d) Adverbs.

7. How many digits of pi was Daniel able to recite to beat the record?
(a) 32,500.
(b) 2,500.
(c) 22,514.
(d) 10,000.

8. How does Daniel view a sequence of numbers in his head?
(a) He sees numbers and their shapes, leaving out the annoying ones.
(b) He hears the numbers and sees lights that form a portrait.
(c) He sees colors, shapes, and textures that form landscapes.
(d) He imagines the numbers as food and beach pebbles.

9. When Daniel has an interview with the Voluntary Services Overseas organization, what is his main goal in doing so?
(a) Becoming more independent.
(b) To avoid going to university.
(c) He is not sure.
(d) Spreading Christianity.

10. Six months after meeting Neil, what does Daniel do?
(a) Tells his parents about him.
(b) Goes to work for him.
(c) Leaves him.
(d) Moves in with him.

11. What sort of questions does Daniel discover Kim Peek likes to be asked most of all?
(a) Scientific data.
(b) Mathematical.
(c) Historical dates and figures.
(d) Film history.

12. Some scientists believe that metaphors may be the result of:
(a) Synesthestic experiences and linguistic creativity.
(b) Phonemic inflections of word sounds.
(c) Higher level thinking in poets.
(d) Creative visual/spatial language.

13. Professor Ramachandran theorizes that language emerged:
(a) Originally from mathematics.
(b) From synesthetic connections in the brain.
(c) Using visual learning aids.
(d) From an agreement to create neologisms.

14. Why did Daniel have mixed feelings about the documentary producers filming him in Las Vegas?
(a) He felt it would be gaudy and tacky there.
(b) It was too hot for him there.
(c) He did not like large crowds.
(d) He did want to trivialize his abilities.

15. What is the Feynman point in pi?
(a) It is the last string of digits in pi.
(b) It is pi to 707 decimal points.
(c) The decimal places of 999999.
(d) Where the digit 9 repeats itself eleven times, with other numbers in between.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Iceland's literacy rate?

2. How many hours did it take Daniel to publicly recite pi?

3. Whose photo does Daniel keep on the dresser in his kitchen?

4. What skill did Professor Ramachandran first ask Daniel to demonstrate for him and his team?

5. What is the name of the city in Iceland that Daniel must go to?

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