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C. C. Hunter
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Della threaten to do to Miranda?
(a) Make her pregnant with frogs.
(b) Ask Chan to make Miranda a vampire.
(c) Drain all her blood and sell it on eBay.
(d) Call her mother and tell her about Miranda's threats.

2. What does Della offer to do with Kylie?
(a) Talk to Kylie's mother about Kylie's gifts.
(b) Play a trick on Lucas.
(c) Go with her when she is questioned.
(d) Go into town and help her pick out a bathing suit.

3. What concerns Perry about what Kylie asks him to do?
(a) That he could harm her psychologically.
(b) That unicorns are not real.
(c) That every camper needs some mentoring and it's not going to help Kylie if she does not see that.
(d) That if she is not convinced herself, the camp will do her no good.

4. How do supernaturals "read" each other?
(a) Asking for someone to open up.
(b) Eyebrow wiggling.
(c) Merging.
(d) They cannot read each oth er.

5. What is the reason Holiday says that Kylie is at the camp?
(a) To learn peaceful ways of dealing with conflict.
(b) Because she is gifted.
(c) To learn that different is not bad.
(d) So that others can use her as a mirror.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Helen discover about Kylie?

2. Where is Kylie going for the summer?

3. What sandwich was Kylie supposed to get at lunch?

4. What does Della say a sound is that she and Kylie hear?

5. Why are Kylie and her mother at the YMCA parking lot?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why do the campers wiggle their eyebrows and what do they believe about Kylie concerning communicating with them?

2. How did Kylie end up at the camp for "troubled" teens?

3. What does Derek say to Kylie about her and Lucas?

4. How did Helen help her sister?

5. What does Kylie ask Helen to do and what is the result?

6. How does Della become a vampire?

7. What happens in Kylie's interview with the FRU men?

8. What does Kylie see outside her house and what is her response?

9. How does the party end and where does Kylie go from the party?

10. What does Kylie observe on the bus that is taking her to camp?

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