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C. C. Hunter
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When did Kylie's mother meet Kylie's biological father?
(a) A year before he joined the Marines.
(b) Three weeks before he deployed with the military.
(c) In high school.
(d) Just after college graduation.

2. What surprises Kylie's mother about the kitten in Kylie's cabin?
(a) That it has grown so much since the last week when she saw it.
(b) That it is so attached to Kylie.
(c) That it is so human seeming.
(d) How much it looks like socks.

3. Who does Kylie call Derek?
(a) Lucas.
(b) The soldier.
(c) Fred.
(d) Trey.

4. How does Della initially respond after Kylie says she wants to donate blood to Della?
(a) Della says she is afraid Kylie will despise her.
(b) Della says she never uses human blood.
(c) Della says she can subsist on animal blood.
(d) Della says she cannot use female human blood.

5. Who communicated to Holiday instead of the ghost solider?
(a) Another ghost soldier.
(b) Kylie's grandfather.
(c) Kylie's grandmother.
(d) Kylie's older brother who had dies in infancy.

6. What does Burnett have when he gets to Kylie's cabin?
(a) A net.
(b) A tranquilizer gun.
(c) A crate.
(d) A high-powered rifle.

7. What does the ghost soldier say after briefly disappering?
(a) He wants Kylie to understand her mother.
(b) Help is in the way.
(c) Kylie should try to use her gift on the lion.
(d) He will always be close to Kylie and watching out for her.

8. To what does Kylie's mother agree?
(a) To contact Kylie's father.
(b) To ask Kylie's grandmother about the Fae folk.
(c) To bring Kylie's laptop with her to camp.
(d) To find her birth certificate.

9. What does Mr. Galen set forth as a condition for marriage to Kylie's mother?
(a) That Kylie's mother not tell Kylie about her biological father until after Kylie is 21.
(b) That Kylie's mother give her up for adoption.
(c) That Kylie's mother sever all ties with anyone who knew Kylie's biological father.
(d) That Kylie not know he is not her biological father.

10. Where do Lucas and Kylie kiss?
(a) Near the horse stables.
(b) They do not kiss.
(c) In the creek water.
(d) Behind Kylie's cabin.

11. Where is Kylie when she wakes?
(a) In the kitchen.
(b) In the woods.
(c) Back in her bed.
(d) Outside on the porch.

12. What book does Kylie buy at the bookstore?
(a) One about the supernatural.
(b) One about ghosts.
(c) One about vampires.
(d) One about dyslexia.

13. What does Holiday tell Kylie about Lucas' parents?
(a) That his parents both died shortly after Lucas' birth.
(b) That his parents are not supernatural.
(c) That his parents are talented mages.
(d) That his parents were disowned by their wealthy, normal families.

14. What do Kylie and Della find Miranda doing the next morning?
(a) Cradling an injured bird.
(b) Crying.
(c) Practicing a difficult revealing spell.
(d) Trying to read a book out loud.

15. On what list does Lucas name appears?
(a) The should-be-watched list that the FRU maintains.
(b) The list of possible agents for the CIA.
(c) The list of suspects who are killing animals.
(d) A list of camp counselors for next summer.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Kylie say to Miranda about Perry?

2. What does Derek announce after Burnett arrives?

3. What does Kylie say about her parents in defense of her refusal to believe in her supernatural gifts?

4. What does Kylie decide to put off reading for a while?

5. Who comes to visit Lucas on parents' day?

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