Born at Midnight Short Essay - Answer Key

C. C. Hunter
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1. What is Kylie's family situation at the opening to the novel?

Kylie Galen is in the kitchen as her parents argue. Her father is moving out and her mother, who Kylie secretly calls the "Ice Queen," seems indifferent.

2. What does Kylie's father ask her mother for and what has happened to the objects?

Kylie's father asks where Kylie's mother put his underwear and she says she doesn't know. Kylie knows Mrs. Galen burned it on the barbecue grill.

3. What does Kylie see outside her house and what is her response?

Outside her house, Kylie sees a young man dressed in a military uniform. She's upset by the appearance because she's seen him many times recently. The sightings have become so frequent that Kylie believes he might be stalking her. She's worried when her neighbor walks very near the young man without acknowledging his presence.

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