Objects & Places from Born at Midnight

C. C. Hunter
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This is the time when all the gifted youngsters are born.

Shadow Falls Camp

This is the summer camp where Kylie is sent.

The Dead Soldier

This is the ghost Kylie sees that she first believes to be a stalker.

Mr. Pepper

This is a piano teacher who turns into a frog each time he has thoughts about young girls.


This is the name of the town near the camp.

Fallen Research Unit

This is the arm of the FBI that deals with supernaturals.

Shadow Falls Academy

This is the name of the school that is being started to help ease the situations for the youngsters who find they have supernatural powers.


This is the cat Kylie had as a youngster that was killed by Lucas Parker's father.


This is the mythical animal Perry turns into to prove he is a shapeshifter.

The Wildlife Refuge

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