Born at Midnight Multiple Choice Test Questions

C. C. Hunter
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Chapters 1 through 6

1. What are Kylie's parents doing at the opening of Chapter 1?
(a) Playing dominoes.
(b) Arguing.
(c) Trying to convince Kylie to apply to college.
(d) They are on a trip.

2. What does Kylie call her mother?
(a) The beauty queen.
(b) The iron maiden.
(c) The ice queen.
(d) The family dork.

3. What did Kylie's mother burn on the barbecue grill?
(a) Her father's underwear.
(b) Some hot dogs.
(c) Some old letters.
(d) Very expensive steak.

4. What does Kylie ask her father as he is leaving the house?
(a) To fix her computer.
(b) To call her every day.
(c) For a new car.
(d) To take her with him.

5. Who does Kylie see outside the house that upsets her?
(a) A young man in a military uniform.
(b) A young woman in a 1920's dress.
(c) A tiny kitten killed by a car.
(d) A large, wolf-like dog.

6. Why is Kylie seeing a psychiatrist?
(a) She is still upset about her brother's death.
(b) She sees people that others do not see.
(c) She has an eating disorder.
(d) She refuses to try in school.

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