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C. C. Hunter
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Essay Topic 1

Kylie continues to grasp at straws to explain alternatives to her supernatural powers. Holiday says one or the other of Kylie's parents is probably supernatural in order for Kylie to have the power, but says that in rare situations the power might skip an entire generation. Kylie doesn't believe any of her grandparents had any supernatural powers either, but she admits she can't be sure. Another possibility is that she has either a brain tumor or is simply "loony." It's a statement of how desperately Kylie wants to be normal that she's hoping she is either crazy or has a brain tumor in order to explain her power.

1. Discuss reasons someone like Kylie might try to deny she has supernatural powers. Use examples from your own life and "Born at Midnight" to support your answer.

2. Define the psychological defense mechanism known as denial and explain why...

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