Born at Midnight Character Descriptions

C. C. Hunter
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Kylie Galen

This character incorrectly believes she has been raised by her biological parents.


This character can sense the emotions of people and animals.


This character, one of the camp directors, believes Kylie has to discover her identity and to come to terms with it.


This character has a strong family connection but knows her family won't accept her as a vampire.


This character is young witch who is next in line to be the high priestess of her family's coven.

Lucas Parker

This character lived next door to Kylie when they were young.


This is Kylie's best friend from school before Kylie is shipped off to camp.


This is Kylie's ex-boyfriend.

Daniel Brighton

This character died in the Gulf War before Kylie's birth.


This character is a powerful shapeshifter.

Mrs. Galen

Kylie sees this character as cold until Kylie realizes...

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